A cat, a Rottie, and Christmas (BAD COMBO)

by Deanna
(Riverside Ca.)

Max at Christmas

Max at Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a person was stirring not even a mouse, but what about the dog and cat? Hmmm. Oh they were stirring alright.

One Christmas Eve Kyle (my son), Max (my Rottweiler dog), and I went to the nearest Christmas tree farm to purchase a tree. When we returned home we spent 4 hours carefully decorating the tree with my trusty companion Max and his side kick Christina (cat) watching.

Now looking back, I believe they were plotting their destruction. I tucked my son in bed and then proceeded to finish wrapping my son's presents and placed them under the tree. At this time it was about 3 am and I was tired.

Around 7am my son came in my room crying, saying that Santa must be mad at him. I asked him what was he talking about and he said that the tree is destroyed and that all his presents were unwrapped and scattered about.

I went out into the living room and couldn't believe what I saw; wrapping paper, tree decorations, and clothes were scattered all around the house. It looked like a tornado hit my living room. I couldn't even imagine who could of done this, until my Rottie turned around to walk away. This is when I noticed a piece of wrapping paper stuck to his butt. Guilty as charged.

Now what about the cat. Well, the cat was caught still in the tree trying to get a glass ball decoration, that she must have missed earlier.

Trying to hold back the laughter and from wetting my pants, I explained to my son that Santa is not mad at him and that Max and Christina decided to help him unwrap the presents so he would be able to play with his toys faster.

After I finished cleaning up, I noticed that Max and Christina were both comfortably sleeping on the couch. They must of had one heck of a night. LMAO

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Jun 23, 2015
Nice article! NEW
by: Galen Jazz

Christmas is the most popular festival that we observe. I really feel glad to read how you people making your preparation for the Christmas. I also do some similar stuff. Christmas tree, gifts and sweets are the most important. We can hide surprise gifts from other members but can’t escape it from our pets. I am also having a kitten and she also makes me crazy sometimes. We may get angry with them but we can’t stay without them as they are being a part of our family. Her care and health issues are the most important thing for me. Animal Vaccination Clinic, Chatsworth. Wish you a happy Christmas.

Jun 23, 2015
Hello! NEW
by: Anonymous

Nice article! Keep sharing.

Mar 08, 2012
anything but boring
by: Naya

I LOVED this story! My rott along with and son, 2 cats and boyfriend are constantly creating tornadoes inside and outside my house. Sometimes I just want to give up. One day; cat 1 knocked my coffee cup over, cat 2 knocked and broke her water bowl, Rott decided to jump onto a side table and knock everything down and my son was did what he always did and left a path of destruction all over my house. I want to scream and go crazy and then I see my dog snuggling up to my son and my cats sleeping peacefully on the couch. I live in chaos with all of them but I wouldn't have it any other way :-)

Dec 24, 2011
Too Funny.,,,Perfect night for this story!
by: LillyPie

Thanks for sharing that story - considering I happened to stumble upon your page on Christmas Eve-Eve (well, technically Christmas Eve considering it's well after midnight...) it was a perfect story to bring a smile to my face before I go to bed and cuddle with my rottie mix-rescue. I can just picture him with the wrapping paper stuck to his butt - guilty as charged! I brought my Jennica home last year the day AFTER Christmas, so this Christmas was really the first year I got to experience decorating a Christmas tree with her. I brought her to my ex's (her daddy's house) and we had a blast... every time he brought something out she assumed it was a toy for her... She's such a good girl though she won't even snatch something that isn't explicitly given to her, so instead she kept staring and staring at the stuffed toys and decorations hoping we would give them to her to play with...Of course she ended up with a few more toys than we had planned on that night!

Oct 25, 2010
This story deserves 10 stars!
by: Jenn


First off, thank you so much for sharing this story. LMAO doesn't even come close -- I could barely finish reading it because I was laughing so hard.

You are a great story teller too, as I seriously can picture Max (the Rottweiler dog) with Christmas wrapping paper stuck to his butt!

I would guess that he had a look on his face like "what? I didn't do anything, it was the cat!" And Christina the cat probably saying "no way man, Max dared me to!"

Just think how boring life might be without our silly buddies to make us laugh :0)

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