A Rottie with mixed personalities

by Amber
(Buffalo, NY)

Hi, my name is Amber and my 18 month old Rottweiler, Bubba is so adorable, but such a pain.

When I have to leave, he gets mad and he chews the couch or anything he can get in his mouth. He can even chew the walls!!! Even though he is a pain, I still love him and he will always be my baby boy!!!!

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Nov 02, 2015
Nice NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for letting us know about you and your dog. You know what..!! actually there are not much people here who are going to read your silly stories but the readers of homework help online are some idiots who wonder here and there and waste time in reading such nonsense.

Jul 10, 2012
Rottweilers love attention
by: Marvin

Hey Abbey,

I like the name of your dog, "Bubba" I knew someone who had a similar name, lol. Yes, these dogs can really chew on your prized possession, you may have to get a chew toy for him. And Yes, they tend to miss their masters a lot, especially if you grow him to be the cuddle bunny type.

My dog Smirnoff recently started emptying the trash bags in the yard, chewing shoes and also chewing tree chunks, but this was also caused by her teething. You can correct the behavior however just find resourceful ways of redirecting the dogs energy towards positive reinforcement. Its an intelligent dog I have know, and they often know how to get to you. Well enjoy your friend Bubba.
One love

Jul 10, 2012
A good pain!
by: Lane

Hi Amber, I know what you mean about a pain. I have two 8 month old Rotten's my self, "Buda Cuda"& "Shelby"

The other day I came home late from work and one of them tore my telephone lines that go into my house out of the house. What can you do but just Love their innocent Faces... I try to have plenty of chew toys around & that usually helps the situation.

But some times they get bored with them and they will start chewing on random things like a Harley Davidson I have in the back yard with them... one thing dog's do is chew. It is my own fault for leaving it where they can get to it.

I am hoping they will grow out of this stage... What can you do?:-)! Good luck with your mouth full of TEETH

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