Adopted not one but two 11 month old Rotties!

by Shannon
(Knysna, South Africa)

Emma, myself & Jess

Emma, myself & Jess

Since growing up with Rotties from when I was a weee little girl, I wanted the same for my 18 month old daughter...

so internet hunting we went. For months there was nothing but people trying to make a crazy amount of money from selling their pups. Eventually one Saturday evening, we found an advert for two free Rottweilers to a good home.

I immediately phoned the owner to find out when and where these two beauties could be picked up.

At 5am on Sunday morning I left my home and family to go on a 350km road trip to pick up the two 11 month old sisters!

The three of us drove the 350km trip back home... one Rottie in the back of my little Citroen C2, and the other (rather large 11 month old pup) laying across the passenger seat and on my lap!!!

We must have been a hilarious sight to passing motorists, especially since Emma kept trying to catch the windscreen wipers!!!

Needless to say, they became instant family. Emma & Jess (my adopted girls) were a little wary of my daughter in the beginning but are now SUPER protective of her, after only 1 week.

They enjoy their morning walks through Knysna tremendously and I must say.... I couldn't be happier with my adopted kids!!!

If you have a small toddler running around and are still skeptical about bringing a Rottie into the household.... don't be!

They are the most awesome dogs you could ever possibly have and will protect and love you and your family, unconditionally!!!

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