Adorable Rottweiler Dog

I don't have one story in particular, but my beautiful rottweiler lets me know how mischievous he is everyday!

We assumed that after he hit the one year mark that his desire for chewing the contents in our home would subside, but unfortunately they did not.

He's managed to chew his way through dS games, laptop adapters, undies, bras, leashes and every toy we've ever gotten him!!!

He amazes me everyday with how intelligent he is.

I've been able to teach him to crawl, talk, teach him left from right with hand shakes, and the list goes on!

I wouldn't give my baby up for the world!!!

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Oct 29, 2015
Adorable Rottweiler Dog. NEW
by: Cerry Finch

So sweet of you! Your dog even chew your laptop adapters but still you don't have any aggressiveness towards him! This is called real affection. I too had attached a lot to my dog but unfortunately he passed away last month and I can't explain how it is loosing him. Well, he had victim to cancer and I was unable to detect at the primary stage and it was too late. Your story with your Rottweiler reminds me of him, I too had similar cute story. God bless you both. I thing I would suggest you to take care of your dog and never delay any vet check-up. Dog Vaccination Clinic Newbury Park.

Sep 22, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Mar 08, 2012
by: Naya

My rott is 5months old and in that teething stage, thankfully we have trained him not to chew on things that we don't want him to. That's true about inside our house but outside is a whole other story! He knows that we "own" the inside but outside is so large and he knows we can't pin him down. He will take something and look at us just to see what we'll say. If we tell him "drop it"(like inside) he takes it and runs. We have learned a great trick to avoid this, if we say "trade" in a very excited voice he immediately drops it and looks for his new toy or treat. These dogs are smart and they sure love to test their boundaries!
When we left him with friends for two days he was a terror, he chewed on all of their furniture and had accidents all over their house. We had already trained him out of these behaviors but I think he was just mad that we had left him.

Feb 07, 2012
Chewing Rotties
by: Jannette

I know exactly what you mean about their chewing habits.

My dad was dog-sitting for me, and my Rottie "Bubba" actually chewed his way out of my dad's house trying to get outside. He was suffering from separation anxiety.

We had just moved from Delaware to Florida when he was 4yrs old, and the move had more of an effect on him then it did my 6yr old daughter or myself. Especially with my daughter and I having to stay at different residence for a few weeks.

We did go visit him on a daily basis until we had our own place and he was able to join us there.

Aug 11, 2011
Rotties know what to chew!!!
by: Morgan

I have a Rottie named lilly and she loves to chew cords, but she will only chew cords that are not plugged in!

May 04, 2011
Rottweiler dogs can be destructive when their young
by: Jenn

Thanks so much for contributing here, and helping folk's get to know the REAL Rottie.

I can relate to watching a one year old Rottweiler destroy everything! Our girl Savannah actually ate my parent's bed post while we were visiting once.

Especially when they're around a year, the "Look" at everything with their mouth - LoL.

I can tell you that he'll likely stop chewing everything in sight between one and two years, but still unlikely to get his "brain" until he's about 3. . . that's when Rotties essentially become adults.

. . . But, I finally reserved myself to the fact that no matter what toy I buy, I know it's going to get destroyed. I finally accepted the fact that they will thouroghly enjoy the destruction though :0)

Isn't it amazing how smart they are? Given time, patience and the right method, there's nothing they can't learn.

. . . in fact, make sure to keep in mind that you may be teaching him things without knowing it. I have found that happen to me a lot - Some good, some not so much :0)

Thanks again for sharing. . . please feel free to submit pictures of your guy to go along.

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