Alize - assistant to master gardener(my husband)

by Cindy Davis
(Ogden Utah)

On March 20th of this year our sweet Alize passed away after 13 years. Our hearts are broken and we miss her so much, but we loved her enough to let her go when it was time.

My husband loves to work in the garden and Alize would be right next to him helping. She would dig holes, and when my husband (James)put the flower in she would ever so gently cover it with dirt.

When going for a walk, she was always stopping to smell the flowers. She just wasn't a pet, she was a member of our family. Right now I am almost ready to cry, I miss her so very much.

But I know when our time comes she will be waiting for us and we will be together again. Here's to you my sweet angel - We all love and miss you. . . . Mom and Dad

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Oct 01, 2015
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Jun 04, 2012
Wonderful people who sent their sympathy
by: James and Cindy Davis

I wanted to thank everyone that remarked to the post I sent about my sweet Alize. I thank you from our hearts and has provided us comfort. I will be sending a picture soon. We send all our love to all.

Thank you so very much James and Cindy Davis and Coda

Apr 13, 2012
true love
by: jan

I know exactly how you both must feel, I lost my Abby on 4\10\2012, she was 12yrs old. I miss her dearly, they become so much apart of the family.

Its been so hard to go home to an empty house, you see I am a single girl so for so many yrs it was just me and bo.

I knew when it was time, it broke my heart to see her suffer. But she went out like a champ, you see she went at home. . .no vet, no strangers just her, her mom and grandma was present.

They say all dogs go to heaven and I believe that. My dog is with one of her favorite people, my brother, who I said goodbye to in Feb of 2012. I believe we will all be together again.

God bless the rottweiler

Mar 28, 2012
My heart is with you & your husband. . .
by: Jenn


I am so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, I know just how you're feeling right now, as we lost our boy Chevy on March 1st.

This website is all because of him, and he basically helped me write every page, sometimes literally.

I know all too well, that there are no words. So, I just want to thank you for sharing a little piece of Alize with us here.

When we let Chevy go, we told him that we would celebrate his life. I also promised him that his website would continue to inspire others to get to know the REAL Rottie.

I also promised him that I would start a dedicated Rottweiler Rainbow Bridge in his honor. ..and haven't had the will to do so yet.

Thank you for sharing Alize's story - I will start a new bridge page and Chevy & Alize can hopefully help others hearts to heal.

If you would like to upload a picture of Alize to go with this, please just go to my contact page, or Rottweiler Pictures page and I'll get it put on here for you.

Bless you, your husband and Alize - my heart is with you.


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