Beautiful' loving, Abigail Rose. AKA- Abby-tude because she had a funny attitude.

by Elinore Frising
(Toms River, N.J. USA)

Abigail Rose - hours before seizure

Abigail Rose - hours before seizure

This is Abby. She was born August 29, 2004. Picked her, her littermate sister and her littermate brother up near Vancouver, BC, with my son, and we headed back to N.J.

We took them to yellowstone, and other fun places on the way home. Then we dropped the littermate brother off to his new mom and dad in Chicago and we continued onto New Jersey.

She was a funny girl. The day she met the vet, she tried to bite her in the face. Vet said, "Elinore, send her back!!!" Yea right !!! No was way my precious girl leaving me. Think she was scared, but maybe not typical for an 8 week old pup.

She grew up to be a well mannered young lady and all she wanted her whole life was her mom. We travelled with her littermate sister, Samantha, who is the same sweet girl she's been since the day she was born, to Pennsylvania and to Tennessee to meet up with friends at dog shows, even though we were never entered.

Abby 3 years ago tonight, (2012) fell off the bed in the middle of the Night, I jumped up, only to see her having a seizure. Got her calmed down, called the 24 hr emergency vet and drove up there.

They kept her that Night and the next night for tests, etc.

She was diagnosed with brain cancer. They gave her 2-3 months. They put her on anti-seizure medicine and you'd never know she was sick until February 28, 2013 when she tripped, landed on her stomach and that was it. Took her into vet and it was now in her other organs as per the X-rays and tests.

Had no choice, but to let her go. To this day, the Kleenex I used to dry my dears is still in my coat pocket. Can't through it away.

I miss her everyday and so does her sister, who is now showing her age of 11 years & 4 months this coming week. She's under the doctors care weekly, but so far, so good.

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