Let's Talk... About The Best Dog Food For Your Rottie

How do you know what the best dog food is to feed your Rottweiler? There are so many choices, and let's face it - advertising is very deceiving!

I'm the first to admit that learning about which food is best, is both hard and confusing. It seems that the more you learn, the more questions you have.

I used to be feed my dog a very poor quality food because I didn't know any better, and actually thought I was giving him a good quality dog food.

Boy was I wrong! Low price almost always mean low quality, but high price doesn't always mean high quality.

I've spent the last 3 years learning and researching about dog food.

How to read the ingredients label, what to look for, what things to avoid, etc. One of the problems is that every dog is different.

Each one has different tastes, different needs, and different sensitivities. Therefore, it's near impossible to recommend JUST one brand or formulation. . . .

I'm going to do my best to tell you about the highest quality dog food I've found and each one of them has different formulations to suit different tastes and needs.

Two things I know for sure are 1. the best dog food doesn't always cost the most, but at the same time "you get what you pay for" and 2. the health of your Rottie depends on the quality dog food you choose to feed.

You'll want to pay special attention to grain-free dog food if your dog seems to have developed allergies. Quite often dog food allergies are due to a reaction to the grains, such as corn and wheat that are in some low quality foods.

Low quality grain sources are often used as fillers with no nutritional value in cheap dog foods.

If you would like a real education in how to read dog food labels, and what ingredients to look for, as well as which ones to avoid, then take a look at Dog Food Project. This site will actually take a long time to read and comprehend.

It won't really help you decide on a particular brand to try for your dog, but it will really help you understand what to look for on an ingredients list.

Best Dog Food For Rotties

Here is a list of what I feel is the best dog food brands for Rottweilers in particular. This of course, is just MY opinion, and comes from experience with my own dogs as well as the experience of other Rottie owners that I know.

The best thing you can do, is make the best decision possible by analyzing all the available information (ingredients, your dog's needs, etc.), and trying it to see how your dog does on it.

If your dog doesn't tolerate it well (loose stool, any itching, etc.) then try a different brand or formulation (different meat source, etc.).

Also keep in mind that switching dog food must be done slowly - It needs to be done over about a 2 week period. Adding a little bit of new food to the old food and increasing the new as you decrease the old slowly over the 2 week period.

    First Choice for best dog food

  1. Sojos Natural by Sojourner Farms has switched from my #3 pick, to my first choice for best dog food, and it is what I have just switched my newly adopted girl (Chevelle) to. This is actually home-made dog food made easy. best dog food for feeding raw

    I'm sure you've heard or read about "feeding raw", and how much better it is for your dog. I've read quite a bit about it, but never thought I could personally do it. So, this company makes it really easy to feed raw without having to actually handle raw food - which honestly grosses me out :0(

    I know for a fact that this food is very high quality and healthy for your dog based on other people I know who use it. Now I can tell you from personal experience with Chevelle. I lost my boy Chevy to Kidney Failure, which I'm convinced was caused by years of feeding him horrible food, as well as other environmental factors. So I swore that I would feed Chevelle only the best food and my research confirmed that Sojo's was going to be our choice.

    They have two different types - one you add your own raw meat to, and the other already contains the meat and you literally just add water! That's right up my alley :0)

    They do offer free shipping, and it's not a bad price for the quality that you get - Go ahead and check them out for yourself and see if it's something you might like to try your dog on. Just click on the link above, or on the picture and it will take you to their site.

    #2 Choice for best dog food

  2. Taste of The Wild is my number 1 choice as far as best dog food goes. It is very high quality food, reasonably priced and they offer several different formulations to suit each dogs need.

    This is the brand of food I have been feeding my male Rottweiler Chevy for almost a year now. Recently I've started adding in some wet (canned) food to his dry kibble, because he really likes it, he can be really picky and I don't want him to get bored with his food :0)

    I've actually been using the canned Wellness brand Stew formula (my #3 pick below) which I order by the case online from Wag.com.

    Wag.com, is one of the ONLY places to order dog food online because they offer free shipping, and it ends up saving me about $7 to $8 over my local pet store, and it comes right to my door from FedEx.

    It seems to me that TOTW is not a huge conglomerate company, and it's pretty clear that they really care about animals.

    All of their ingredients are really high quality, and all the formulas are completely grain free. If your dog has any type of allergies associated with food, then grain free is probably your best bet.

    Some dogs can have allergies to certain types of proteins as well. Taste of The Wild food comes in 4 different formulas, each containing different sources and percentages of protein. The four main sources of protein are:

    • High Prairie - The protein sources of this formula are Bison and Venison, also containing lamb meal and chicken meal. This is a pretty high protein / fat food - protein is 32% and fat is 18%. If your dog tolerates the protein sources, and is highly active this is a great formula. Although prepare yourself for some flatulence (stinky gas) - I'm used to it, so it doesn't bother me as much any more.

    • Wetlands - The protein sources for this formula are duck and chicken, also containing quail and turkey. This one is also high protein / fat content. The protein and fat levels are the same as the High Prairie, and great for active dogs that can tolerate the protein sources.

    • Pacific Stream - The protein source for this formula is Salmon and other ocean fish. The protein and fat content are considerably less for this one. Protein is 25% and fat is 15%, which makes this a great formula for dogs that are less active, or perhaps getting a little older (this is the one I feed Chevy most often).

    • Sierra Mountain - The protein source for this formula is Lamb, and the protein / fat content is the same as Pacific Stream. Protein sources from lamb are usually well tolerated by dogs who can tend to have a sensitive tummy.

    For a time I fed my boy Chevy the Pacific Stream formula until he got really picky and didn't want to eat it anymore (he can be rather finicky, especially for a Rottie). I then switched and tried the High Prairie formula which he really liked.

    However it gave him very loose stools, and we decided that it was perhaps a little too rich in protein for him as he's 9 years old and not nearly as active as he used to be.

    Like I said, find the best dog food for your Rottie can take a lot of trial and error. I have now started cooking up rice with chicken bullion and adding it to his food. The rice helps keep his stool firm, and he really likes it.

    #3 Choice for best dog food

  3. wellness Super5Mix Complete Health is my #2 choice for best dog food. The Wellness company is owned by Old Mother Hubbard and they have been around since the 1920's. I believe them to be a solid company and genuinely care about the health and well being of the animals they serve.

    The Wellness Complete Health formulas have very high quality ingredients, and each different protein source offers your dog everything he needs to stay as healthy as possible.

    I know several Rottweiler owners who believe this to be one of the very best dog food companies. They have formulas that are specific to large breed dogs, one is for adults and one is for puppies.

    None of the Super5Mix formulas are grain-free food, however the grain sources such as Barley and ground brown rice are extremely high quality. There are no cheap filler grains such as corn.

    Although I personally do not feel that a Rottie needs to have large breed specific, nor that pups need to have puppy specific food. However with that being said, the food is still extremely high quality and will not do any harm.

    Wellness also carries other formulations besides the Super5Mix, but as I said, a lot of Rottie owners have had very good results with these formulations.

    Here are the various protein formulations of the Super5Mix:
    • Complete Health Chicken Recipe - The protein source for this formula is as you probably guessed chicken, and also contains whitefish. The protein is 22% and the fat content is 12%. If your dog tolerates chicken and high quality grains, this is an excellent food.

    • Complete Health Lamb, Barley & Salmon Meal - The protein source for this formula is lamb, and also contains Menhaden Fish Meal and salmon fish meal. The protein / fat content is the same as the chicken recipe 22/12. Lamb tends to work really well for dogs that have sensitivities to other protein sources.

    • Complete Health Whitefish - The protein source for this formula is lamb, and also contains Menhaden Fish Meal and salmon fish meal. The protein / fat content is the same as the chicken recipe 22/12. The fish proteins seem to really appeal to dog's taste buds.

    • Complete Health Large Breed Adult - The protein source for this formula is from 4 different sources, and is designed specifically for large breed adult dogs. Deboned chicken, deboned whitefish, Chicken meal and Salmon meal. It's got a bit higher protein content at 25%, and fat content of 11%. It contains the optimum calorie intake to promote health weight.

    • Complete Health Large Breed Adult - The protein source for this formula is from the same 4 sources as the adult version, but is designed for large breed puppies. It's got slightly higher protein content at 26%, and fat content of 12%. It is designed to control calorie intake for slower growth, and controlled bone development. It is also formulated to promote brain and eye development.

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