Bubbles - 6 month old Rottweiler

What I'm just cooling off

What I'm just cooling off

This is Bubbles, the 6 month old Rottweiler. She has grown a lot in a month.

If you haven't seen Bubbles original post, take a look at her pictures when she was 5 months old

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Nov 05, 2015
Bubbles is back NEW
by: http://top10essaywritingservicesreviews.blogspot.com/

She grows very fast! It seems she's gonna grow a very beautiful rottweiler dog)

Aug 13, 2011
She just keeps getting cuter!
by: Jenn

Oh my goodness Joe - I didn't think it was possible for Bubbles to get even cuter than the last pictures you uploaded!

. . . .I should know better, Rotties are just the most beautiful dogs, and I think you've got yourself a dog and 1/2 there.

I can tell just from the pictures, that Bubbles is an absolute sweetheart. She seems to have all the best traits of the real Rottie. Always smiling!

And like my boy Chevy, she seems to really like the pool :0) I can also tell that she's got a pretty rough life - being forced to nap on the couch with a nice soft pillow - LoL

Thanks again for sharing her Joe. . .I look forward to seeing more pics every month (hint hint). I just can't get enough of cutie pie's like Bubbles.

Jenn & Chevy

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