Deuce :-)

by Brittany
(Washington, D.C.)

Nap time with mama!

Nap time with mama!

My fiance Brad and I had talked about getting a Rottweiler for more than a year (since a Rottie had been his dream dog forever!)

I am so thankful that his dream dog was a Rottie, as I'm certain there is not a better breed on the planet! Deuce is a total mama's boy. Brad calls me "his queen" because he is always loving on me!

Brad is the "fun dad" who does the playing and rough housing (which usually scares me to death!). We are smitten with our little guy. . .I can't imagine he loves us more than we love him!!

Deuce was born on March 25, 2012. Our little guy is 5.5 months old and is already gigantic! He is just over 22 inches tall and 70lbs!

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