Dusk - New Fur-Baby

by Peggy may Murphy
(Goulburn NSW Australia )

Hi! My name's Peggy, I live in Australia and I have ALWAYS wanted a Rottweiler. So, on the 3rd November 2012 my boyfriend arrived at my parents place with a fuzzy little bundle.

He is the most stubborn, floppy, sleepy and adorable little man I know and has been dubbed with the name Dusk.

Right now Dusk is having a little bit of a problem with diarrhea which is what led me to your site in the first place, it has been very informative and I suspect the cause is his brother that came with him to my place having now moved onto my partner's parent's house as his new home and the change to his diet as being the cause of his problem.

But if it gets worse over the next few days a trip to the vet will be in order. My plans for Dusk over the next few months are to have his next lot of vaccinations done when due, as well as the C5 Kennel Cough Vax so he will be accepted to puppy and obedience school.

Continuing with his toilet training and starting to train to harness in the car so we can go and visit his brother and later on his mum and dad!

The pictures I have of Dusk so far are of his first 3 days, lots of outside adventuring with his new friends, and lots of cute sleeping pictures! :)

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