Let's Talk... About Ear Mites in Dogs

What are they?

Ear mites are nasty little parasites that resemble a crab under a microscope.  They can make your dog absolutely miserable!

They're not quite as common in dogs as they are in cats, but common enough that you're probably going to have to deal with them at some point during your dogs life.

Their not quite microscopic, as you can sort of make them out with the naked eye, but it's certainly not easy.  The clinical name for them is Otodectis Cynotis and they live deep within a dogs ear canal.

Their life-span is somewhere around 2 months, and like most parasites they reproduce rapidly.

Ear mites in dogs can easily be transmitted to other animals in the same household, although not normally transmitted to humans. If you have more than one pet and you discover an infestation in one, they're likely to spread to the other animals.

Signs to look for

If your dog has something wrong with his ears it's actually not hard to tell. He'll be shaking his head quite a bit, scratching at his ears, and likely holding one ear or one side of his head a little cock-eyed.

But, dogs can get yeast infections or develop pollen allergies in their ears as well. So if it is indeed ear mites then you'll also notice a rather foul smelling odor, increased ear wax, and a thick dark brown crust inside the ears that resembles coffee grounds.

If you suspect mites, your veterinarian can tell you for sure.

What can be done about them?

The first thing a veterinarian will do after confirming the presence of mites is to clean your dogs ears thoroughly. After cleaning, your vet will either directly sell you medication to administer, or suggest an over-the-counter brand.

The only problem with that is the products recommended to kill mites are insecticides from the big drug companies like the makers of Frontline.

The most common pesticides used are:

  • Ivermectin, Fipronil
  • Selamectin

These drugs are very effective at killing the mites, but what other damage do they cause your dog, or you? The list of side effects are down right scary, and before you give your dog any kind of drugs like these, you need to be aware.

Some of the known side effects for dogs are:

  • Lack of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Excessive salivation
  • Lack of coordination
  • Seizures
  • Blindness

It tends to affect certain breeds of dogs more than others (Collie's, and the like), as they seem to have a predisposed genetic sensitivity to it, but those are some very serious side-effects regardless of your dog's breed -- wouldn't you agree?

While you should always get a clinical diagnosis from a veterinarian, and this website is not intended to replace a veterinarians opinion, there is a better way to treat your dog for ear mites.

Something natural, that won't cause your baby (or you) any harm!

I strongly suggest before giving your best friend anything that can cause the above side-effects and even death, that you investigate a website that I stumbled upon while researching information for this site.

The website is Natural Wonder Pet Products. The owner and creator of the products is a very knowledgeable herbalist, and has been doing it for 20+ years. I've recently learned a lot from him and his website.

Don't just take my research and word for it, I really urge you to visit his site and read some of the information there.

Your eyes are likely to be opened wide like mine were. Drugs certainly have their place to help certain illnesses, but why take a chance using an insecticide when there is something natural (and less expensive) that works just as good, if not better?

The same product TripleSure Natural Flea & Tick Spray that works to get rid of fleas & ticks (better & cheaper than toxic pesticides) works to get rid of ear mites in your dog too!

If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact me, as I can attest to it personally. . .

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