Exhausted Pup

by Angela

I took my rottweiler for her first run with me at about six months old.

We live far out in the woods and the trails were flooded out so needless to say the trails were muddy.

By the time we got home I knew she was exhausted but I had to give her a bath because of the muddy wet dog smell.

She jumped right into the shower with me. After I scrubbed her down I realized she was sleeping sitting up with the water beating down on her head.

It was so funny to see it, and I know she was asleep because her head would nod as a kid falling asleep in class at school.

I thought for sure she would go pass out on the bed when I got her out and dried off but rather she ate and went to get her rope, anxious to play!

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Sep 11, 2015
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May 15, 2013
Mine is exactly the same NEW
by: Anonymous

I give my Rottie -Beauty who's 5 months old preety much every time i get time- tht equates to a bath every 2-3 days- and more if she gets muddy.

Unlike for many Beautyloves water specially if its run down the hose; and she drinks water only from running tap and big buckets not from her bowls. funny everytime we go for a walk she comes in and the 1st thing she does is - put her head in the bucket of water- wash her front toes- before comming in.

Also preety much every day atleast half a dozen times she runs in and out - dips her toys in water and plays with it.

Cute little thing

Jul 09, 2011
my crazy Pisco
by: robert

Pisco is a king rott. non-cast. alpha 2 year old
who loves having a nice and warm shower now and then, however in mid-June as I was washing my patio with a water compressor, I decided hey! why
not give him a cold shower 4 the first time. I knew off-hand that he probably wouldn't enjoy it to much since my 10 year old lab. always has been reluctant to it, so I decided to thie him to my front lawn tree and started washing him with the machine without the pressure on of-course! He was
so upset of it all, that he would jump left and right for his life as if there were no tomorrow.
After 5 min. of washing him down to remove all the shampoo I unhooked the leash from his collar,
what a show he put on then, jumping and running as if he had won a lottery ticket! he was hillarious and one could see that after all, this experience turned out to be a good one, thks for sharing your experience, rob:-)

Jun 12, 2011
What a great Rottweiler story!
by: Jenn


Thanks so much for sharing this great story. I can actually picture her head bobbing in the shower :0)

Funny thing is, my boy Chevy loves to jump in the shower too, as he just loves water.

Don't we wish we could bottle some of that energy? To get so tired that we fall asleep in the shower and then catch our second wind to play again!

Thanks again for sharing.

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