by Barbara
(West Palm Beach, FL)

Sir Finnegan is my 3rd Rot. My first was a 150lb mix, Bo who was found with his litter mates abandoned in Port St Lucie, FL. At the time I was a divorced Mom of a 2 and a 4 yr old. He was truly a gentle giant and never once even raised a lip to my kids. The second, Zorro I adopted at 2 yrs old. His owner's gave him back to the breeder because he was breaking out of the yard and terrorizing the neighborhood. He was severly neglected, with heartworms due to being left outside.

He was a little tough but after allowing him time to get into the rhythm of the household he was a joy.
I found Finn in the classifieds, AKC but obviously not from reputable people. He was only 5 weeks old (per my vet) when we got him (I was clueless) and had Giardia which I was informed tends to occur in puppies brought up in filthy conditions....probably puppy mill material. He is 8 weeks now and thriving.
I don't understand the bad rap that Rotties have been given.That has not been my experience. I think most people are intimidated by their fierce countenance which is what I love most about them. And their intelligence, protectiveness, loyalty and total sweetness.
Sorry this narrative is lengthy but that is how enthusiastic I am about the breed. Finn joins the family, his 10 yr old brother, Shadey (leopard hound/mix) and 4 yr old sister, Mag's (Westie).
Thanks for your website. I just happened upon it looking into feeding schedules and found your site to be very thorough.
Anyway, here's the best part.....pictures!!!

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Nov 03, 2015
Great post NEW
by: jonny

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Oct 18, 2015
Finnegan NEW
by: Anonymous

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