give his life for the kids

by Michael

It started off with the Rotty and my son chaseing breeder trout in a stream.Up stream was a trout farm and below that lots of big trout 18 inches to 30,big pine ca. so anyways my son being a soccer player he would kick the fish out of the shallows on to the bank and the dog would jump them and pin them down. well the dog gets too close to the rappid and gets sucked down stream,it must have scared that rotty prety bad because now he is pulling my son out of the stream and will not let him back in.Now after all the stream wading we end up at a lake, he has never really swam and as soon as his feet touch bottom he trys to stand and as gravity draws him deeper in the water he is on his back feet trying to touch bottom and ends up vertical sinking undER If I would not have pulled him up I think he might have drowned,I would hold him horizontal and he would do good until his feet touched,then he would try to touch bottom and drift deeper in and under he would go and I would pull him to the top.Well now he pretty much stays belly deep and wont go in any further than his belly touching the water. Now my daughter starts horsing around, splashing and screaming..help! help! and he's on the bank at the edge of the water. She must be 17 or 18 feet from the shore. This dog knowing he can't swim, jumps like a bullfrog 15 feet from standing. Hits about 5 feet from my daughter. His momentem carries him to her, as he reaches up and grabs her wrist. Now that dog knew he couldn't swim. But could tell my daughter was in trouble. And did not hesistate to give everything he could to try to help her. Now if you know rotties you know how hard headed they can be. And I pretty much had it with that dog, but when I seen him risk his life for hers, I gave him a second thought and I have many more stories about this animal!!!!

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