God's greatest gaurdian

by Casey Kaelin
(Melba Idaho USA)

I use to own a Rottweiler named Moncrieff. I got him as a puppy and one of the things I trained him to do was pull a dog cart. Every fall we would go to the mountains and cut three cords of wood for the winter. This one particular fall day we were up cutting a load of wood. About half way through the job I started to get sick. There was a small camp ground just down the road. I went down there setup my tent and cooked dinner which in the end refused to stay down. After an unpleasant dinner I crawled into the tent with Moncrieff and went to sleep. About 10:00 pm a truck pulls into this otherwise deserted camp ground and parks his truck with his headlights shining into my tent. I figured the guy was lost and would hail the campsite. After about 45 seconds with no one getting out of the truck I started to worry. I had seen the movie Deliverance. I started thinking that I was so sick I couldn't defend myself with a pistol and I don't have one. About this time my lazy Rottweiler wakes up and looks at me as if to say what is the problem. I pointed to the truck and he looks over at it then calmly walks out the front door of the tent and just stares at the truck. Now I ran Moncrieff 15 to 20 miles a week. I had a trailer that held 4000 lbs. of fire wood and Moncrieff could pull every stick of it back to the trailer for me. He looked like an Olympic wrestler standing at the tent door. About 10 seconds later the truck drove off and I could almost here the driver say "I don't know what is in that tent but it is not worth the effort to find out". Moncrieff came back in the tent and laid down and I covered him with my wool blanket.

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