Hector - my protector

by Sarah

He protected me and I'll protect him till the day I die - MY HECTOR.

My husband and I bought a Rottie from a well reputed breeder when he was just 2 months old. He comes from the champion bloodline and is highly pedigreed.

The purpose was to have him shown in the shows plus have a beautiful loyal companion around. Since he was to be show trained, he was to get very very early socialization play with cats and kids and not be wary of strangers etc.

It just happened yesterday. . .my husband is not home as he is in army, and is posted for the first time in our married life to an operational area.

I came home after spending the night at my parents, and there was Hector as always waiting for me. He had just turned 9 months old on 20th JULY. I have a male servant who looks after the house and all. So I came inside as was my routine and Hector followed me to the bedroom. I locked the door and got all comfy.

Then suddenly Hector started barking at the window very aggressively! Not knowing what got into him I opened my bedroom door thinking he wanted to go potty or something, but he ran straight to the kitchen door and tried to open it.

Upon reaching the kitchen window I saw a strange man in my house's backyard. I called my male servant but he never answered. I tried opening my kitchen door but it was locked from outside. I went for the main door, but it was locked from the outside too. My garage gate was also locked with a metal lock.

I was freaking out as I was alone, and I called Hector and told him "please help mommy". . .It was like he understood the plea in my voice.

Hector just went to the kitchen door and putting all his effort he pushed it, and bang went the lock and he opened it for me. I saw a bicycle was parked next to my car in the garage, and I called up to my servant and said "whoever you have with me, I have the dog open now and if u come downstairs he will rip you apart."

I called for the security guards at the main entrance to our colony, and Hector just kept me by his side. He was barking and was very mad when the two men came down. . . my male servant started to apologize that he was just meeting an old friend.

The guards took them both away, and both of them kept saying "please lock the dog somewhere, we will leave, just lock him up" because Hector was just purely mad at them.

In short I realized that no matter whether I train my Rott or not train, they will always know when something is wrong and when to protect you!

And they will get mean to a point that they will scare the crap out of the bad guys. They are very intelligent, so much so that they know it before you do what to do in a specific situation.

Hector knew and was well adjusted with my male servant. He never played with him though for some reason, and now I know why.

I love you Hector xoxox.....

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Jul 30, 2012
Thank you Jenn
by: Sarah

Thanks Jenn, I totally agree with you and thanks for all your best wishes. I was just so surprised because he is always acting like a goof fur ball chasing the cats and licking them like crazy, entering the bath and trying to take a shower, chasing his tail and making me have a laugh attack!

He is never aggressive or mean, loves to go out and take car rides because that is how he is brought up, but that day he knew exactly what to do - such a smart boy :)

Jul 29, 2012
Rottweilers are natural protectors!
by: Jenn


Thank you so much for sharing your story about your Rottie Hector protecting you. I'm very glad that it had a happy ending.

As you have discovered, Rottweilers don't need to be trained to protect, it comes to them naturally. They are so family oriented, and so smart and intuitive that they will always protect their family and property. . . with their life if necessary.

Honestly, the training and socialization that you and Hector did for his showing just helped him hone his protection skill and makes him an even better guard dog. His reaction to a threat was not based out of fear of the unknown, but calm instinct.

Thanks again for sharing and I wish you and Hector the best. . . And a safe return home of your husband!


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