Helping Pop-Pop with his landscaping

by Jannette
(Silver Springs, Florida)

I grew up in a family that bred and raised German Shepherds. I was always an avid animal lover, as were my parents. I got my Rottie "Bubba" when he was 4wks old due to a large litter and his mother not being able to produce enough milk.

When "Bubba" was 4yrs old we moved to Florida and my dad had to keep "Bubba" for me for a few weeks until I was able to get a place of my own.

My dad was a care-taker at the time for a very large piece of property and the owner decided that he wanted "mums" (flowers) planted on both sides of his driveway. The entire length of the driveway took up 10 acres of the property.

Now, imagine the heat in Florida, and having to plant all these flowers, each a foot apart the entire length of this long driveway on both sides. My dad took "Bubba" (my Rottie) outside with him while he was planting.

"Bubba" stayed close to his Pop-Pop the whole time. My dad thought "Wow, what a good dog, he stays right with you without a leash". After he finally got done planting all of these flowers up and down both sides of the driveway, he looks back to see what they look like. . .

It seems while he planted all of the flowers, "Bubba" was pulling them all up and setting them next to the holes my poor dad worked all day planting. But, even my dad had to laugh at the fact that "Bubba" wanted to help.

I had "Bubba" with me for 13 & 1/2 yrs before he passed away, which devastated my entire family. I couldn't even leave my home after he passed away because the pain of coming home without him there to greet me was too hard to bare.

Now it's over a year later, and I still sleep with his ashes next to me every night, just to keep him close.

Two of my daughters and I have several "Bubba" stories that we tell my youngest daughter, now 3yrs old (I have 3 girls), She still picks up "Bubba's" picture and asks where he is.

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Mar 06, 2014
Thank You NEW
by: Anonymous

Reading your story brought a smile to my face. You see, I have a ten year old male rotti named Grizzly. He has been just been the best dog ever! So gentle and kind to every creature he has ever come in contact with. last week we got some very sad news. He has cancer, and only a few short weeks left in our lives. we are heart broken, but as I look at his soft brown eyes I know that making one of the hardest decisions any pet owner faces is also one the last kind thing I can do for my loyal friend.

When you tell the story about helping pop-pop plant the flowers I remember going threw the same ordeal with Griz, on a smaller scale of course, just our front walk, but he just loved plucking those flowers out the ground almost a quickly as I planted them.

Losing our big tubby guy is difficult to say the least. But I knew the day I brought him home at 8 weeks old that this day would creep up on us, I just didn't think it would be so soon, It got caught off guard. I am glad you got another girl to fill that place in your heart. I know that once Griz is gone I will get another puppy, another rotti, it won't be Grizzly, and for that I am thankful, he leaves big shoes to fill, but it will have its own personality that we will love every bit as much . And if he is even half as good a dog as Grizzly he will be a fantastic dog!

Jan 08, 2013
Helping Pop-Pop with his landscaping NEW
by: Jannette

I thank you for the kind comments and understanding. Here I am over 2yrs later and I still find myself crying my eyes out over the loss of my Bubba Boy.
Luckily, for me, my husband knew losing Bubba and the effect it was having on our family wasn't good for any of us. He bought me a female Rottie who we named Bella. She was 4mos old when I got her as a Valentine's Gift (about 2mos after Bubba passed). Bella was not properly socialized and when I got her she was afraid of her own shadow. It took a whole lot of time and about a year later, she finally emerged from her shell. (It actually took us getting another male Rottie (Brinks) to bring her out of her shell.) But, now that she is secure in her home, and with her family, she is a terror!!! But still such a joy to have in our home. Having these 2 great pets, is by no means a replacement for our Bubba, but certainly has enhanced our lives... Also, nobody can mess with my girls or Bella will have at them now.

May 30, 2012
my understanding
by: janenne reba mom

i can completely sympathasize with your loss, i lost my childhood dog when i was a young teen. Then my own first dog i got right when i got married. puppet, was a mutt too she was given to my parents when i had kids as she hated small children. but i still saw her a lot when she got old and sickly and i had to put her down for her sake it broke my heart i still cry to this day and that was over 20 yrs ago. Even though you still carry them in your heart like our children there is room for more. our heart just expands we don't lose them we just encompass another joy within us. To honor his memory i think i would get another dog if you and the rest of the family feel it is a good time too. i wish you the best of luck.


reba mom

Feb 10, 2012
Laughter & Tears
by: Jenn


Thank you so much for sharing Bubba with us here. I was reading your story, and started laughing out load at Bubba pulling up the flowers.

My husband of course wanted to know what I was laughing about and so I read him your entire story. So, we went from laughter to tears.

We know what it's like to have your baby be so much a part of your life, that your completely devastated when they leave you.

This was the case with our Savannah girl - I had to leave my house for work, and found that I couldn't come home until I knew my husband would be there, as I couldn't bare to be there alone.

We too have her ashes, and pictures everywhere. It was only 4 months later that our boy Chevy "rescued us" and helped heal our heart-break.

For many years while we struggled with trying to heal him of his past life, we often told him that if Savannah were here, she would give him a what's for. . .

I'm so sorry for your loss. What love and cherished memories he gave you. I know someday another kind and loving soul like Bubba will come into your life - They're all one of a kind, and enrich our lives like nothing else in this world can do!

Thank you so much again for sharing Bubba. . . If you ever want to add a picture, please feel free.

Jenn & Chevy

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