**Hemmiee the Rottweiler

by Jude

I got Hemmiee from my local shelter. . .But, she actually rescued me. I have always loved the Rottweiler breed, Hemmiee being my second Rott. Scarlett, who was my first Rottie was also a rescue.

Hemmiee is a very protective dog but actually wouldn't hurt a flea...except for the mail man, for some reason she absolutely HATES him.

I was cleaning up in my back yard one day with Hemmiee, and she was not on a leash. Well the mail man came, and needless to say she ran after him. He stood there in complete terror, and smacked her in the face with my mail. She yelped and ran back to me and hid behind me!!!

I really don't know what her intentions were, however I have since learned to keep her chained up at least until after the mail man has come and gone.

Not sure who was more horrified, the mail man or me!! I bet he did have to change his pants tho. :)

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Mar 25, 2012
by: Lisa

Lol My boy harlee absolutely hates the mail truck. The noise of the stop and go sets him off. We are working on that. Its never ending training! but they are so fun

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