Here is my Rocky the Rottweiler

by Edder Feliz
(Leominster, MA , USA)

Something smells interesting here

Something smells interesting here

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Here is Rocky the Rottweiler! I have had rocky since Nov 30, 2011. He is my First Rottweiler and he is very playful.

He loves to chase a laser that I have, and after he plays, he gets tired and goes to sleep. He also chews on everything, and loves to eat.

My girlfriend and I are getting married and I'm going to buy another Rottweiler for Rocky so that he can have his Girlfriend too. I have been Reading about being careful to not breed Rottweilers with Faults, and I want to know if my dog has faults.

I still will love him anyways, but since I want to breed him I don't want to do a mistake and breed an inferior Rottweiler.

I used to breed other Dogs back in my country the Dominican Republic.

Please Advise me.

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