Humans and the Rottweiler

by Nithin
(Bangalore, India)

We brought home Fabulous Balboa in September 2012. As it has turned out, it was one of the most important, (positively) life-changing decisions of our life as a family.

As one could imagine, the decision to have a Rottweiler for protection is met with endless skepticism from the "well-wishers". Why, even a vet told us the Rottweiler is not for a household with a young child.

We don't live in an apartment, so I suppose that too augured well for a large dog.

One of our friends helped us make the decision by telling us his experiences and stories of close bonding with his Rottweiler. Fabulous eventually only bettered those stories, perhaps because of the first hand Rottweiler experience he gave us.

One other friend helped us find the right puppy born of parents with the right temperament and lineage. For the record, Fabulous comes from a Champion pedigree of Bronko Van Hasan Hause.

His induction into the family has been so effortless! We were sure to keep him inside the house at all times - so no dog house for him, the entire house was to be his.

He toilet trained himself in less than 2 months. Sometimes when the walk gets delayed, he lets us know by whining (and not by aggressively barking and lunging). We let him out, he does his thing and he waits for the walk. Perhaps that self-restraint and discipline is what has forged a hitherto unbroken bond of commitment between us.

I am very regular with my eat and sleep timings; and I respect that in his case as well. One look from him saying "Can we please go now?" and I put everything aside and take him out.

He lives with us as one of us. He makes no bones about conveying it to us and neither do we.

The one person he is most respectful of in our home is my 5 year old daughter. She pounces upon him, is all over him in play and he soaks it all up. Never once did he react adversely to her so-called invasion of his space. We have several times reminded her that she needs to reciprocate the restraint he shows. She has understood that as she grew older; we are glad that it is love-all now.

There may be many sources where the bad stories of the Rottweiler came from, but I can tell you with certainty that I count the years I lived with the Rottweiler as the most fulfilling. His unconditional, unceasing love has had such a heady and over-powering effect on our lives.

Not that a Boxer or an German Shepherd wont give you that, but this is to shout out to everyone about the Rottweiler and how he loved us all perhaps more than he loved himself.

To summarize, he is a blessing for us.

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Oct 26, 2017
Loved the positive story NEW
by: Anonymous

I was a little nervous about getting a Rottweiler! But having had my Girly for near a year. I’m over it! She is such a great girl. But very powerful, headstrong and sometimes a little surly!
Your story was great to know they are also loving kind and gentle and especially loyal. My grandkids came out and met our Rottie girly in May. She had been with me to obedience and I worked with her every day. She did not fail me. She was gentle and loving and never knocked them over or jumped on them. I was really happy because if she was bad it would have been a strain on our visit. it was the first time my son and his wife and 4 & 5 year olds had come to visit from their home in California. They loved our farm in Texas and we loved having them here.

Apr 02, 2016
Awesome read about our wonderful Rottweilers NEW
by: Elinore.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with Fabulous. Sure sounds every Rottweiler I've ever shared my life with.

They get a bad rap many times and I've only found them to be a wonderful companion who wants to please his or her family, and to give and receive love from them.

If you're not a writer, I think you should be. Wonderful story.

Thanks and hugs to fabulous from me, and my 2 girls, which of course, are Rotties.

OH how I wish that I could write as ellaquant as you !!!
Again, thanks for your post.

Elinore, Samantha Jean & Bella Rose

Apr 01, 2016
What an amazing testimony!!
by: Jennifer

Thank you so much for such a wonderful story! Yes, all dog's are awesome - But to those who have that special bond with a Rottweiler. . .We know what truly amazing creatures they are!

As you said, Fabulous is one with your family - As it should be :0)

Thanks again for your wonderful testimony - Please come back and upload some pictures of your boy!

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