Jake and the Bear

by Darrin Hickok
(Cape May NJ)

Hi, My family and I live in Cape May NJ. A few years ago in Sullivan county Pa, My family and I were sitting in the back yard of our cabin watching a black bear and her two cubs, they were eating around our deer feeder.

After watching for approximately 10 minutes, another black bear, a male, came out of the woods and charged the mother bear. Then a big fight between the two bears broke out for a minute or two.

Both bears ended up running into the woods and to say the least it was very scary, and loud. Then it just stopped! The male black bear came out of the woods and ran across the mountain towards where the cubs ran off when the fight started.

We all were very concerned the bear was going to kill the cubs.

Fast forward into late afternoon the next day. I was in the back yard when I noticed a bear slowly walking towards our deer feeder and then stop. The bear stood up and grunted and the two cubs came running up. We were all so relieved the cubs were ok.

The mama bear, we could see had a large chunk of fur missing from her hind quarters, we are sure from the fight.

After a while my wife and I along with two of my kids went back into the cabin. After 5 minutes my wife yells, oh my god" the bears are fighting again. Then I hear my wife yell to me Darrin, Where's Jake?? Jake is our 4yr old Rottweiler.

I looked up at where the bear is and yes, it's our dog Jake. I ran out the back door started yelling and the bear and Jake ran off into the woods. I ran into the cabin grabbed my gun and got onto my quad. I rode into the woods where I thought they went. After 15 minutes I could not find Jake.

As I rode back to the cabin my kids all had tears running down their faces. I just looked at my wife Sharon and said I don't know where he is. My daughter looks up at the top of our mountain and says "I think that's Jake up there Dad".

I started yelling for him. Jake started running all the way down the mountain. Once he was back, I started checking him for bite marks...None!! Not one mark on him, but Jake was soaked with bear spit!

Jake was playing with the bear and cubs. Mama bear must of thought he was a bear cub?? I gave him a bath to make sure he had no bite marks and to our surprise not a scratch. Jake was playing with the bear's and lived to bark another day.

Sadly 2 1/2 yrs later Jake got sick with cancer and we had to put him to sleep. I have had a Rottie in my family for 20yrs. Its my personal belief there is no better, loyal, family protective dog. As of today, my family and I are patiently waiting for our new puppy to arrive on Wednesday June 1st.

It was a crushing blow to me and my family to lose Jake. It's been over 2 yrs but, we are ready to welcome Jax to his new family.

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Jan 12, 2017
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by: Anonymous

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Sep 07, 2016
by: Jennifer

OMG, that is the most awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing Darrin.

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