Jasmin the herding Rottweiler

by Shirley
(Little River, SC)

We currently have 3 cats and 3 dogs, one of which is a beautiful Rottie girl of 18 months named Jasmin.

Our cats are not allowed outside except on the enclosed porch. One of our cats has been known to open the door on that porch and get out into the yard.

One night as we took Jasmin, our Rottweiler out for her evening ball chase, she ran from the ball to our cherry tree in the center of the back yard.

After a few seconds, out popped the cat! Jasmin came back to the porch and the cat went back to hiding under the tree. Jokingly, I asked Jasmin to please go get Scout, the cat.

Jasmin immediately ran to the tree, herded the cat out from under the tree and all the way back to the house!

On another occasion, our Pit Bull was not in the mood to get off the couch and go outside when she was being instructed to do so.

So Jasmin being the dominate figure, and of course wanting to go outside but having to wait for us to talk our Pit Bull into going, immediately jumped on the couch, squeezed behind the Pit Bull and politely shoved her off the couch!

Rotties have to be the smartest dogs I have ever encountered...and we are so thankful for ours.

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May 14, 2011
Rottweiler Dogs are so awesome!
by: Jenn

Hi Shirley,

Thanks so much for sharing that great story about Jasmin the herding Rottweiler!

I can completely picture her shoving your Pit Bull off the couch - LoL. Rotties are so much smarter than most folks (who don't know them) give them credit for.

And, the best part of their smarts is the personality that goes with them. They can be such characters, and make us laugh and smile.

Rotties really are working dogs too, and most of them are happiest when they have a job to do, and even better when it's a job that involves herding cats :0)

Thanks again for sharing, and feel free to upload some pictures of Jasmin (and your other kids too) on the Rottweiler Pictures page. I'll copy them over here to go along with your story.

Jenn & Chevy

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