Khaleesi the Miracle Rottie

by Mackenzie
(New Milford, CT)

Our beauty queen at 20 weeks!

Our beauty queen at 20 weeks!

My boyfriend and I brought our lovable Rottie, "Khaleesi" (pronounced kah-lee-see) home when she was 6 weeks old. She was doing phenomenal with training and obedience until she became ill with parvovirus at 3 months old.

If you know anything about this horrible virus, it is in most cases fatal for puppies. Rottweilers are especially susceptible to this intestinal infection. Fortunately, I work at a veterinarian's office and when she started showing signs at work one day, they tested her and immediately started her on fluids.

It was a long battle and very stressful, but our strong little lady pulled through and is completely healthy now! She lost about 5 pounds but now she is finally getting back all her nutrition and strength.

We had to retrain her with pretty much everything, especially food. Because she couldn't eat for a week and a half, when she was able to eat again she became extremely food aggressive. After retraining her consistently and persistently she was finally back to her normal self again, showing no aggression.

She has not only brought my boyfriend and I closer but we feel the most powerful bond in the world with her.

She is now 21 weeks old (as of January 1st, 2012) and growing up so quickly! She loves everyone and every animal. We sometimes catch her snuggling and sleeping with our cat Frankenstein.

Khaleesi loves to run and play in our 2-acre backyard and absolutely LOVES to play fetch. We love to go on long walks and she likes to carry sticks in her mouth to feel important and useful. Although Khaleesi is still young, she thrives to impress and work.

Khaleesi is the love of our lives!

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