Knocking to come in

by Sandy
(South Africa)

I have a 14 month old female rottweiler dog named Engel. Our back door has a lock that you cannot access from the outside. . .

So whenever I get home and it is locked, I knock on my mother bedroom window and she comes to open the door for me. After I did that a couple of times Engel caught on about how it works.

One morning when mom was still in bed, she heard Engel scratching on the window, so she opened the door to see why she was doing that. When she opened the door Engel came rushing inside.

We soon realized that when she scratches the window with her paw, it was her way of knocking to come inside.

We have always given her the choice about weather she wants to sleep inside or outside. Most of the time she chooses outside, but we don't mind anymore, as we know she will "knock" when she wants to come in.

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Nov 11, 2015
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