by Melissa
(New Egypt New Jersey)

I have an 11 month old Rottie named Leonidas..Leo for short.

He was an impulse buy and we didn't do enough research. When we got him home he became very sick..

Green discharge from his nose, not eating and vomiting. We took him to the vet and he had pneumonia. They put him on antibiotics and nebulizer treatments, and he recovered.

At 4 months old we took him for a long walk, and that night while he was sleeping he kept crying every time he moved.

We brought him to the vet and he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We then took him to a surgeon and he had surgery for the condition.

His femur heads were removed and the recovery was awful. It took a few months for him to fully recover.

Now at 11 months he is a happy, healthy, energetic dog. His right leg is a little week when standing still, but other than that you wouldn't know what he went through.

The breeder thankfully paid for almost all of his treatments which were approximately $6000.00.

Hopefully he will continue to remain healthy and his back legs will continue to get stronger.

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Feb 28, 2011
What a sweet Rottweiler
by: Jenn

Mellisa, Leo is just a doll, love the pictures!

First I would like to thank you for telling your story here. It helps folks to understand how important researching and choosing the right breeder is.

A couple of things. . . First, I'm very glad that the breeder covered the all the costs to help Leo, but I have to ask if that breeder is still in business?

What worries me is that they are breeding other Rottweilers that will also develop hip dysplasia, as it is an inherited trait.

So, as far as helping Leo stay in the best shape, and the least amount of pain, I have to recommend that you give him 2 supplements.

1. MSM (MethylSulfonalMethane), which is naturally occurring sulfur, and it works wonders for connective tissue and joints.

Chevy can't hardly move without it, and unfortunately I've proved that twice by letting him run out (bad mom).

2. Fish oil, I've just started giving Chevy fish oil, so I can't attest to it's effectiveness yet personally, but I have done a lot of research on it, including talking with others that rave about it's effects on joints.

I use Nature's Way products, and you can read what I have to say about MSM and Arthritis on my Arthritis in Dogs page.

I sure hope that Leo continues to get stronger and stronger, as I know he will be a very loving member of your family :0)

Please be sure to send me some updated pictures as he grows -- It happens way too fast.

Thanks again Mellisa!!!

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