Lilly the Rottweiler helps to keep a bonfire going

by Morgan
(Maplewood, Minnesota)

My Rottweiler runt, Lilly is 5 years old. We were having a bonfire in our backyard one night and needed some more wood to keep it going.

Our next door neighbors have a wood pile in their old garden and let us use it for bonfires. As I hopped over the fence to get some wood, and dropped it over the fence Lilly waited until I was done.

Then Stick by stick Lilly would come and get them and bring each stick up the hill for us.

Rottweilers are very smart and Protective. Every time My brother hits me or does something mean to me, she stands in between us and barks at him.

Also when my mom or dad tells us to do something and we don't listen to them, she barks until we do it!

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Aug 15, 2011
pulling weeds
by: Anonymous

That's a funny story. My Rottie does exactly the opposite just for attention. She steals the firewood from the pile and runs from you when you notice what she is doing.

She does like to help pull weeds though because when I weed the garden she grabs weeds and grass and rips it up.

Once I planted some baby trees and I was pulling the weeds around them. So she took it upon herself to help and she grabbed the tree I had just planted and started prancing around me.

She was so proud of what she thought was the biggest weed she ever pulled!

Aug 12, 2011
Rottweiler dogs are so smart!!
by: Jenn

Hi Morgan,

Thanks so much for sharing your story about Lilly. Your headline alone had me so curious :0)

It's so amazing when we have the privilege of witnessing how smart Rotties are. You didn't tell her a thing, and yet she knew those logs should go to the fire - so cool!

My boy Chevy often helps me drag big branches to the brush pile after a big storm, and one of these days I'm going to get it captured on video.

Rotties are protective, almost like a big sister or brother. Very cute that she helps play referee and helps mom and dad enforce the rules :0)

Thanks again for sharing Morgan, your story really brought a smile to my face. I'm sure a lot of other folk's will enjoy it as well.

Jenn & Chevy

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