loves the big yd

by reba mon
(long island commack NY)

i have moved to NY i on Long Island, Reba loves it here. She sleeps in the sun room and during the day she has a huge fenced yd to run in. She has decided to be naughty of course and has dug 3 holes, she has found a great assortment of twigs so she has decided we need then chewed into toothpicks. She had been losing patches of fur in OHio i was not able to get her to a vet i thought it was due to the fleas. i got some flea stuff and she seemed to calm down on the scratching. We took her to a vet here on Long Ise. and she has mange we atr giving her a liquid med and a speciual shampoo bath every day. she hates it and now hides from mr. She is back to her o;d jum[ing p;ayful self though. She now is running and jumpiung and her tail is just going like a mixer beater, as long as we do not touch the leash, the hose or a bucket of water she will stay with us. i am going to start putting her in the tub today,i will put up new pic when she looks pretty again she is ugly right now,

the vet said she had had the mange mites since birth it was a a stress factor that brought them out.and the fleas

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