Lucky Charms the Rottweiler/Wolfhound Mix

by Tatia Dokes
(Denver, CO)

Acting like a good boy for a treat!

Acting like a good boy for a treat!

Lucky Charms is my 3rd Rottweiller Mix breed and by far the best one I've had. He is so loving and playful as well as protective, intelligent (sometimes too much for his own good!) and obedient. He is Rottweiler and Wolfhound mix. He is so tall and long. Weighing an easy 135 lbs now days it's hard to play with him without getting some kind of battle wound. LOL He gets so many compliments of his goatee...no doubt from the wolfhound side.

Lucky is now 6 years old and has to get use to a mini poodle in the house. He isn't very patient with him, but when I separate the two he pouts that his playmate is gone! Grumpy old man but spoiled as well!

Thanks for having such a great site!

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