Mama's boy, Kujo.

by Liz Ring
(Angola , New york)

Mom, can't I sleep in?

Mom, can't I sleep in?

Growing up I wasn't allowed to have a dog. In 2009, I met my step dad's Rottweiler and immediately fell in love.

However Sasha was extremely obese and had to be put down at age 5 due to bone cancer and painful hip problems. The next year we got a beagle mix out of a box that said free puppies on the side of the road. While we loved little chase, we still longed for another Rott.

We searched for a while because we'd rather adopt or rescue than buy from a breeder and couldn't find a female Rott to match our material. My step dad and I were about to go look at breeder pups when a post about a Rott who needed to be re-homed came on my Facebook.

That night Kujo was brought over and we fell in love. He was a sweet boy with a gentle face. He wasn't neutered, or female, but we just had to have him. We were told he was passed from home to home due to his size and breed.

He's been with us since November 2011. They told us he was 2 years old and up on all of his shots. However, when we received his papers, he was listed as 4 years old and only having been to the vet once in his life.

Since we've had him, he's gone from 68lbs of skin and bone to 85lbs of pure muscle. He's been updated on shots and deemed extremely healthy. He has lost most of his food aggression, and no longer growls at our other dog. He enjoys a daily walk and shares my pillow with me every night.

Kujo is very friendly and I've been told by people who were victims of attacks by Rottweilers that they now understand it is not the dog but the owner. He is a true example of how rewarding it is to rescue a Rottweiler, and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

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