Marshmallow Swipe

by Kelli Farris
(Tracy, California)

We had our Sammy girl for 12 wonderful years. The sweetest Rotti ever.

While camping, our children and us were roasting marshmallows. The youngest was about six and he was so proud of roasting a perfectly gold marshmallow. He proudly held it up and said look at my... but before another word came out, out of the dark came a big hungry Rottie. Jumping across everyone and swallowing the marshmallow right off the stick!

The look on our sons face was priceless. From that night forward nobody's marshmallow was safe. RIP Sammy girl, we love and miss you.

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Sep 07, 2016
Rest in peace Sammy
by: Jennifer

Thanks so much for sharing that little piece of Sammy! My Savannah girl was similar with sandwiches, or anything really that was within reach of her mouth.

Also while camping, she stole my 4 year old nephews sandwich right out of his hand when he moved his arm underneath the table.

If it was food, and within her reach...It was fair game :0)

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