Let's Talk... About the Non-Existent Miniature Rottweiler

Does such a breed exist?  The answer is no. . . . The miniature Rottweiler breed does not exist. There seems to be a growing buzz around the internet about a mini Rottweiler, but the truth is it's a new developing breed called the "Carlin Pinscher".

The only REAL mini Rottie you’ll ever see is a Rottweiler Puppy :0)

Developers of the Carlin Pinscher say that "the resemblance to the Rottweiler is no accident, but they are NOT related to the Rottweiler."

There is no Rottweiler blood in a Carlin Pinscher. The development of this new breed of dog came about in France and started around 1992.

After noticing several dogs that had the appearance of a miniaturized Rottweiler, and the accidental mating of a male Miniature Pinscher (Min-Pin) to a black Pug, the idea was born to 3 friends to develop the new breed.

There are some mixed opinions, but it seems to be the general public that has dubbed this new breed the miniature Rottweiler, not the developers and breeders themselves.

But, in any breeding endeavor, there are good folk's who's only wish is to create a healthy and sound dog, and then there are the not-so-nice folks that are out to make a buck.

These folk’s will capitalize on the popularity of the REAL Rottweiler in order to sell more of this new breed.

These dogs do seem to slightly resemble a Rottweiler (from what I've seen on video's), and those who are breeding don’t seem to be complaining about being able to capitalize on the well known Rottweiler breed.

I can certainly appreciate that people would like to see the development of this new breed, and obviously, they like the look of a Rottweiler.

But I really wish they would not refer to this new breed as a Rottweiler in any way, shape or form. As they have ZERO Rottweiler blood in them.

So, now you know that if someone says they have a mini Rottweiler, or is looking for miniature Rottweilers, they will be getting a cross between a Min-Pin and Pug. . . . .With NO affiliation to the Rottweiler what so ever, except in coloration.

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