my boy

by dawn

i lost my collie shepard mix to cancer.my lab was so loney i decided after alot of thinking and soul searching i was ready i began my search and got quickly overwelmoned.one day i seen a add online for a rotti always loved them.anyways turns out the owner took him back from her step son who never looked after him.she found out he was in a cage 20 hours a day .as luck would have it as soon as she took him back the house she was renting sold new landlord said no dog.i went to get him as soon as he saw me he ran over to me and melted onto my leg.that was 4 years ago and i couldnt ask for a better dog.i am happy and both my dogs get along and r happy.i love him to death.i always have and will rescue dogs i think people over look them to much.

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