My caring Rottie hera

by Jolene Van Horn
(Sandstone Mn, Usa)

I had just had surgery back in 2007 and came home tired, sore and chilled. I laid down on the couch with my trusty Rottie, Hera, Watching me from the floor.

After awhile I had drifted off to sleep, sore and shivering ( perhaps a side effect of the anesthesia?) At any rate, Hera grabbed the blanket that I had used to cover HER up and put it on me while I tried to warm myself on the couch, too sleepy to head for my own bed.

Then she used her muzzle to "tuck" me in, making sure the edges of the blanket secured me. She repeated this procedure when the blanket fell to the floor. If I got up to use to bathroom, Hera was right there guiding me to the bathroom.

The amazing thing is, this dog has had NO service dog training whatsoever. She has found lost items for me such as my knee wraps, opens her own Christmas presents, stays with me when I am very sick, etc. If she wasn't 7 yrs old I would have her trained as my service dog because she is so extremely smart,helpful and the most caring friend I have ever had :)


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Jun 18, 2012
Stella the nurse
by: Anonymous

When I was single, my Rottie Stella would always stay with me when ever I was unwell. She would stay at my bedside until I was well enough to get up. When my teenage daughter was unwell and could not go to school Stella sat by her side until I got home from work. During the day my daughter fell asleep, with her arm hanging off the sofa, she awoke to find Stella holding her hand gently in her mouth.

May 07, 2012
Celebrate Hera
by: Jenn

Hi Jolene,

I am so sorry to hear what you and Hera are having to deal with.

Unfortunately I can very much relate to your last sentence about losing your best friend. I lost my boy Chevy on March 1st, after a valiant effort to save his life from Kidney Failure.

I haven't advertised it on the site, because I still cry every time I talk about it, as I'm doing right now. My heart breaks for you, and I know there are no words that can help - only time.

All I can say is that my heart is with you and Hera - spend as much quality time with her as possible, and celebrate her life.


May 07, 2012
update on hera:(
by: Jolene

Hera was recently diagnosed with stage 3 mast cell tumors on her muzzle and neck, surgery was done to remove the one on her muzzle(before the other apeared) and has retunred. neoplasene injections did not help either and Hera won't be with us much longerD: Taking her to the vet tomorrow to see what else can be done.. I have heard of this canine chemo drug called palladia and will inquire about that and/or radiation therapy. Possibly need a vetinary oncologist. Her dieing is tearing a HUGE hole in my heart and flaring up health problems of my own. I am losing the one true freind who loves,understands and accepts me for me.

Dec 24, 2011
What a beautiful story...
by: LillyPie

that's so amazing; if I didn't have my own little genious at home I'd probably think it was hard to believe. Besides being intelligent they are so amazingly sensitive, as this story proves. I firmly believe that my Jennica was brought into my life (and vice versa) to prepare her for service training in a future life and show her what a loving bond means with a human. I'm watching her snore as I type this now - that means it's time to jump in bed for a cuddle. Much love to you and your best bud!

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