My Handsome Young Man

by Angie Stoker
(Houghton le Spring. United Kingdom)

I could write a novel but will try to keep it short.

Ty is my first Rottie but the third family member of the dog variety being the only male to his 2 sisters Gem a staffordshire Bull Terrier cross whippet and Sophie our rescued Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

He was 9 weeks when we welcomed him into our home and he was almost immediately the dominant over his sisters who were both young themselves (1 yr & 2 yrs)but not in an aggresive way.

We noticed at approx 13 weeks that he had an intermittant limp for which we sought veterinary advice. After various tablets and laser treatment me were refered to a specialist who diagnosed elbow displacia. He was 25 weeks when they operated on both of his front legs. It was a long and difficult recovery but we are thrilled to say it was a success and he can now enjoy his walks as much as any other dog.

He has such a placid nature which I was worried may have changed when he was viciously attached when at just 9 months old but am releived to say he is as friendly and gentle as ever. People we meet laugh at him being chased by smaller dogs when they play. Everyone he meets falls in love with him.

He has such an expressionate face that you can almost tell what he is thinking.

He is still very young at 16 months but I am so honoured to be his owner and cannot describe how much pleasure he brings to the whole family.

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