My Rottweiler Mix Rescue (Possible GSD / Boxer Rott Mix)

by LillyPie
(Chicago, IL)

Jenny and the TV

Jenny and the TV

These pictures are of my baby girl, Jennica. While the rescue organization had her labeled as a Rottweiler mix, I instantly saw boxer in her jowls, body movement, and face.

Her very distinct curly tail (that I absolutely adore!) is possibly part Chow, although I believe she is part GSD and that is where she gets it from.

As she ages (she just hit two years this November) she is looking more and more like a purebred Rott, although she is no where near the size of a female Rottie. When I brought her home she was under 50 lbs, and while she has grown significantly (including a ten pound gain in two weeks when I got rid of the worms she had been plagued with!) she is still only maybe 70 pounds.

Jenna is the light of my life and my best girl. After the passing of my lab-boxer mix three years ago I swore I would never get another dog, but two years later I woke up one day and decided that it was time.

I looked for over three months answering ad after ad for various rescues, but one look at Jenna and I knew it was meant to be.

Her intelligence absolutely floors me - she literally picks up on something new after one or two repetitions, which can be extremely exhausting sometimes when you're training and working on your daily training.

Jennica's love in life (besides my ex, who she has somehow developed an absolute crush on) is definitely her nose - I have NEVER had a dog who loves using her nose as much as she does. She never fails to astound me with what she can detect with that thing; a few weeks ago she hunted down my ex's house from the grocery store five miles away. :)

I would love to get her tested for breed verification but I have my doubts about their authenticity anyway - and no matter WHAT she is, I love her to death.

What brought me to this website (sadly) was that I noticed some gray hairs coming in around her muzzle and back legs, and at only two years old I was a little worried. I watched my last dog go gray with age and it killed me on the inside, and I can't imagine watching my still very young pup go through that right now.

However, from what I have found online this is apparently something that can occur in Rotties that otherwise does not seem to affect their health.

Thank you for this informative and entertaining website. Hugs to all of you and your (big) babies on this Christmas Eve 2011. :) Love, Lilly and Jennica

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