Now I'm a Rott owner for life

by Jim

Well I didn't start out looking for a Rottweiler but have always liked the breed but since I got him I love the breed.

I have a male & female pure bred German Shepherds, both are rescued & are around 10 but I got no info on either when I got them. In the summer of 2011 my male Rocco was walking a little funny so knowing his age & how common hip problems are I started looking for a young male on Petfinder.
In Oct I finally found a young male GSD @ a local kennel that also had Brutus my Rott. When I got there the GSD was gone so I looked @ Brutus, I took him outside to check him out & immediately I knew I was taking him but couldn't take him then so I did the paperwork & paid for him then picked him the next morning, which was Saturday. I took him right to the vet & then to a groomer without a problem but didn't want to bring him home to the other 2 after all that on the 1st day. I was in the process of moving & had an outdoor kennel in the basement of the new house, hated to leave him alone but thought he had a rough enough day. Came back in the morning to take him to the other house, he had about destroyed the kennel but nothing else. I took him to the other house & walked him right in, the 2 GSDs were on the other side of a baby gate. The introduction went very smooth with all 3 and have always gotten along great. Before I moved I would take Brutus with me everywhere, didnt feel good about leavening 3 puppy acting adult dogs that size alone & not confined.
I'm amazed how much of a well behaved, obedient big baby he is, I really feel sorry for his previous owners.
He's never caged inside & usually sleeps in bed with me, he's just awesome. Actually all 3 of my dogs are great, I had a very well bred female German Shepherd before the ones I know have & all my rescues are much better dogs!
BTW since I moved Rocco is now doing great & the vet can't believe how good of shape he's in for his age.
Rocco & my 1st female both saved my life more than once, I'm diabetic & when my blood sugar would go low over night they always woke me up.
I do love my German Shepherds but my future dogs will be rescued Rotts!!

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