Our Ambush

by Taylah
(Mackay, Australia )

Our gorgeous purebred male Rottweiler puppy was 8 weeks old when we got him. We named him Ambush and he is such a handful!

We have had 2 Rotties before him and he is the worst behaved! He is very sneaky, when we let him in for the night time he has to lay down by the door, but every time you look away he crawls closer.

Whenever he gets close enough, he jumps right into your lap and sleeps. It's scary having a full grown dog jump on you when you least expect it!

He also loves to attack my bike! When ever I ride it around our backyard he growls at it and constantly bites the tyres, while barking and growling madly. He has popped 6 of my tyres in the past 5 months!

He loves shredding anything and everything, including shoes, beds and plants! He sits next to a play and while keeping an eye on you he slowly leans over And shreds the leaves. He is so naughty.

And he has boundless energy! He runs laps of our yard each day and shoves his toy onto your clothes and lap. When you have clean clothes he rubs his dirty, drool and mud covers toy All over them.

Also he eats dirt.

But I love that little tyke! He is my everything. Very protective though, can't even be hugged by family without him giving a warning growl and keeping a close watch to make sure I'm okay.

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Sep 18, 2015
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