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by Dee



We are a retired couple and have two Rotties. The male is my hubbies dog, the two are joined at the hip, really.

Hubby can't even go to the bathroom without canine supervision. His Rottie's name is Sarge and he is 9 yrs old. We got Sarge as a pup and he's just a wonderful dog.

My Rottie is 4yrs old and a rescue. Her name is Lady. She has the sweetest disposition I have ever seen. She was abused, and spent the first 2 yrs of her life on a chain outside.

She was so skinny when we got her and she was worried about any sudden movements etc. One thing though, they could not break her spirit. She's strictly my dog and is just so sweet and lovable. She loves people and other dogs.

She now has a forever home and I tell her all the time that no one will ever hurt her again. She doesn't eat really fast, as she had 6 of her teeth kicked out when she was young, but that is all behind her now.

It's taken a long time to gain her trust, but she's better and better all the time. . . And yes she and Sarge are spoiled rotten - But aren't all Rotties? I think so!

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Nov 04, 2011
Lady & Sarge are beautiful
by: Jenn

Dee, thank you so much for sharing your 2 Rotties with us here.

Lady and Sarge are both absolutely beautiful Rotties! I can certainly relate to needing canine assistance in the bathroom (and every other room I go into).

Bless your heart for rescuing Miss Lady. . . .It does take time to build trust, but they are very smart dogs and know good people when they encounter them. She will love you for eternity.

My boy Chevy has some teeth issues as well. . . we think it was from malnutrition as a puppy. His teeth grew very strangely, but as you say "the spirit of a Rottweiler just can't be broken".

I am a firm believer that Chevy actually rescued us (husband and me), as we were in a bad way after losing our Savannah girl.

Then in walked a 15 month old big, goofy clown with more issues than I knew what to do with. Chevy is now about a year older than Sarge.

The older he get's, the more spoiled rotten he gets - I'll bet Sarge is the same :0)

Thanks again for sharing Dee, Lady and Sarge are wonderful additions to this site and much appreciated!

Jenn & Chevy

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