Our Naughty Rottie - Tully

by Win
(Brampton, ON, Canada)

We have an 8 year old Staffie who lost his best friend to cancer a while ago. We decided to adopt another dog so he wouldn't miss Jessie so much. Well, we went to the shelter and looked at the dogs they had for adoption. We didn't find one we thought would be right for Shaq.

BUT...one of the workers at the shelter said they had just rescued a 9 month old Rottie and were just waiting to be able to legally put her up for adoption. But she thought Tully would be a good fit and so she let us see her.

Well....we fell in love and so did Shaq - so as soon as she was cleared, we adopted her. She had been owned by drug dealers who kept her crated 24/7. Only took her out to beat her, feed her scraps and put her back in the crate.

So she has some issues, but she is really coming along. I don't think she knew what love was at all....now boy oh boy!! She loves it, and our whole family absolutely loves her.

We're dealing with her issues, and she has come a long way from that 9 month old puppy.

One year later living with our NaughtyRottie Tully. Boy, What an experience!! Some good, some not so good, We rescued Tully when she was 9 months old. She had been badly abused and we thought there would be problems. And, there were some, but it sure was well worth all the effort.

She is absolutely wonderful and lovable. She and our Staffie Shaq get along so well - but she's always wanting to play with him. I don't know if it's all female Rotties or if we were just lucky - but man oh man, is she naughty!! But she's so darn adorable we can't get mad at her - and she knows it.

My daughter and I swear when she looks at us sometimes, we're just waiting for her to start talking English. She talks now in her own language. She does this us and with Shaq. I would really like to know what goes on in their heads. She turned 2 years old on May 6 but is still a puppy. Probably because she never had the chance to be a puppy before. We'll keep you informed on her progress.

I've been told that Rotties don't mature until they are 3 years. Looks like we have another year to go. But that's OK with us. She's very loving and everyone who meets her loves her - they just don't see how naughty she is. But when she smiles she just wins you over and she knows it. She's extremely smart.

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Jun 18, 2014
Tully's 1 Year Update NEW
by: Jenn

Hi Win,

Instead of building a new page for Tully's update, I edited this page and added your update to the bottom of your original story! Sounds like you all are doing great, and I'm so glad :0)

I'll be adding my own adoption story soon, as my husband and I have adopted another little girl 2 years after we lost our beloved Chevy boy...

Sep 30, 2012
Thanks for saving her
by: Rottie Rescuer in Tampa

Thank you for taking her into your house and not giving up on her when many people would have already. Puppy stage is not fun and especially if she had never had any training at all. She will show you how grateful she is that you saved in due time. Thanks for saving her!

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