Part of the family

by Cierra
(maryville Mo. )

When I was little my mom adopted a 2 year old Rottweiler from a humane society. They told her he had been beaten, so if she didn't take him he would more than likely be put down within the next few days.

So my mom being the animal lover she is went down right away to get him. When we got there I saw this HUGE goofy dog (bigger than me) jumping and running around everywhere.

I was reluctant to take him home, because he was so big and energetic. He kind of scared me, but we took him anyways.

His name was Rocky and we ended up keeping him for 14 years, which I guess is a REALLY long time for a rottweiler to live.

He got really protective over our family really quickly, and got spoiled even more quickly. When my sister and I would go to sleep, he would pace back and forth between our rooms checking on us throughout the night.

After we had Rocky for a few years I got "attacked" by another dog. The other dog was a pitt mix, and he liked to play too rough. I ended up getting too close, and he grabbed me and started rolling me around on the ground, and of course I was freaking out and crying.

The next thing I know my Rottweiler was attacking this poor dog thinking that he was trying to hurt me. When we finally got them apart my dogs front leg was torn up pretty bad. Not bad enough to have to take to the vet, but pretty bad.

He slept in my room with me for weeks after that, and even tried following me to school for a while, too.

My Rottie was the best dog I've ever had. He was smart, loyal, protective, and the sweetest dog I've ever seen.

Because of him I refuse to own any other kind of dog.

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Mar 08, 2012
Rottie love
by: Naya

My boy Otto does the same thing, I go to college two days a week and when I start leaving and saying goodbye to my son he immediately gets up (even if he's in a dead sleep) and runs up to get his hug and kiss too.

When I walk out the door, he runs to it and pushes the curtain out of the way to see me walk away and starts crying. When I come home he does spins until I tell him to sit and I pet him.

One time we left him at home and didn't come home with my son. He ran all around the house whining and trying to find him! Soo cute, he's a great dog.

They are defiantly stubborn and need to know who's boss! They're not a breed for everyone, but those who can handle them, not only like their dogs but LOVE their Rottweiler. Everyone comes up to me when I walk him and say what a great dog he is and how much they love their rottweiler.

It's amazing to see that such a mislabeled dog has a huge following of people that love them and know their true characteristics; gentle, goofy, loving, protective (in a positive way, stubborn, big babies and loyal as hell!

Aug 11, 2011
Rotties are Amazing!!
by: Morgan

I have never had a dog (1 other rottie and a german shorthair pointer) more than 3 years do to health problems until Lilly, rocky lived very long! Everytime I get home from school my dad lets Lilly out and she runs towards me to greet me!

Aug 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thats a good to story of how protective your rottie can be. They are excellent family dogs! When I was younger one of my female rotties would walk me to the bus stop and pick me up when I came home. My mom said she would cry and bark when she knew it was getting time for the bus to drop me off.

Aug 05, 2011
Rottweiler dogs are the only one for me too!
by: Jenn

Wow Cierra, what a fantastic story!

Rotties really are amazing dogs, and so loyal to their family. My girl Savannah used to sleep in the hall way in between the bedroom and living room if I was asleep in bed and my husband fell asleep in his chair.

She wanted to be near both of us, so compromised in the middle - LoL

My boy Chevy gets very upset when I leave for work - He knows when my laptop goes in it's case, I'm not just going to the grocery store.

So wonderful that you had your Rocky for so many years. . . 14 is a long life for a Rottie!

Thanks so much for sharing Rocky with us :0)

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