Penny The Princess

by Jillian Marie

The infamous

The infamous

My 1 year old Rottie named Penny is undoubtedly a HAM! We rescued her when she was a mere baby. She became attached to us almost instantly but even more-so worships the ground that my *Mother* walks on! She is so spoiled and loves to act like a Diva around the house and ALWAYS turns heads wherever we go! Penny Marie is living proof that her breed, much like Pit-bulls, is quite misunderstood, she is the biggest sweetheart ever! There is not a vicious bone in this Pup's body....competitive maybe! never mean though :) She loves being praised and knowing she has pleased her family and her best quality is comforting people...she always seems to know if someone is down and stops whatever she is doing to lick their tears or turn a frown upside down. Her Beagle brother Roman has cancer and she always remains a true pal to him and keeps him going & active everyday! having Penny in my life has shown me just how loyal dogs truly are, especially Rottweilers, I love her more than life and I have been so blessed with this little furangel :)

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