pic's of Abbey

by Bernie
(Pittsburgh,PA USA)

 I'm sooo cute.....

I'm sooo cute.....

I always wanted a Rottie. In Nov 2012 I finally got one. Abbey was 3.5 months when I brought her home Thanksgiving weekend. Although,she wasn't really trained or socialized(to the suburb noises) yet,I've quickly learned how intelligent she really is. In a little over a month I have her about 85% house broken. Abbey sits,gives paw,lay's down,drops what's in her mouth,and comes on command.

On our daily walks she's all about meeting whomever we pass. Abbey does so with a paw and a huge lick and only expects a belly rub in return. The only other dog I've ever owned was a chocolate lab,who was full of energy and pretty smart.However,I am mesmerized by the intelligence of Abbey. Teaching her knew things has been a joy and has taken no time.It's a shame that Rottie's get the wrap that they do bc, I've never been around a dog that's as affectionate,loving,intelligent,and funny as Abbey is. She goes with me everywhere and since I don't have any kids(human)of my own yet,Abbey definitely is my kid. My only regret is that I didn't get her at 8-9 weeks bc she's grown so much in the 6 weeks that I've had her,lol...

These pics were taken the 1st week of Jan 2013. It was our first two snow storms here in Pittsburgh,PA between Christmas and New Year.

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