Reba my Rottweiler mix pound baby

This angel in disguise is 5 wks I think, mixed with ??

This angel in disguise is 5 wks I think, mixed with ??

We got Reba at the pound. She was with 11 others who had been brought in a box. They all looked like some kind of bull terrier, American pit mix. She is the only one to favor a Rottie appearance.

The employees said she was 6-7 weeks old, but I am guessing 5 weeks by her size. She has mainly grown in height in the 2 weeks we have had her. She is lying beside my son whom she adores, and minds him better than me.

I used my cell phone, so the pictures are grainy, but I will get new and better ones made soon. I have been with dogs all my life, and I do not feel right unless I have at least one dog in my house. The most I had at one time was 21, which is counting puppies from 2 different litters too.

I used to have a small kennel. I quit as I had a stroke and was unable to continue to keep track of things like they should be. I ran my kennel the way it is supposed to be, but few do. I refuse to accept the term backyard breeder for myself in the context it is meant to the scum that abuse and are cruel to these poor creatures.

My dogs are kept loose inside, and they were pets not breeders. Most were family members, and I mourn their loss deeply. 3 died of old age, 3 I gave away, 2 I sold, they were the most recent acquired before my stroke.

Reba is both a delight and a devil. She has a snapping problem that I am finding hard to correct. She is a stubborn little terror, but a quick learner too. She also jumps at almost all noises - a car door, a motorcycle, a train, a semi truck, a book falling. Get out a broom and she attacks it. Swat her with it, she barks and growls at it. I could go on and on, but I have said too much now :0)

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Nov 07, 2015
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