Remington Gomer

by Linda
(Cary NC)

I have Loved Rottweilers for years, yet was never in the position to own any dog until a year ago. My Husband and I adopted Remington from a local Rottie rescue group and brought him home on Halloween 2011.

We were told he was around a year old and was a pure bred dog, as far as they could tell. He seemed to have the heart and personality of a Rottweiler, always a clown at home, and a quiet presence in public.

He loves people and was always reserved yet friendly. He also was fearless. Any new experience for him never bothered him - he was game! He even came to work with me, since I work at a nearby Vet hospital.

But as time went on we realized that he was going to be a small Rottweiler. When he topped out at 70 pounds and his body structure started to resemble a hound-y looking Rottweiler - we knew we had a mix.

After looking at him over and over and at pictures on the net, and speaking with some of my co-workers, I began to suspect he really was a Rottie/Beagle mix. I have heard them referred to as Reagles. I have added some pictures so that you can try to decide his make up yourself.

We love Remington and no matter what he looks like on the outside, he is all loyal Rottweiler heart on the inside!

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Nov 03, 2016
An Update on Remington Gomer NEW
by: Anonymous

I have an update- Remington passed away last Febuary, in 2016. He Had colon Cancer. by the time we noticed a problem it was to late to prevent a spred to other organs. He was a trooper til the end- not complaining and always wagging that curly tail! what I learned from him, was that we can't expect to have time later to spend with our pets. Sometimes Later is now.there are things we planed to do- trips to take with him- that we never got done. Yet I am so glad that I took him to work with me weekly and that we enjoyed daily walks all through town. He was only 6 years old when he died. Please don't take the time you have with your pets for granted.

Sep 17, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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