rottie is the wise bad man.

by Dharmander
(new delhi, india)

If you want a caretaker for your self than you see only for rottweiler. My rottie name is tyson he is 15month old he is like to be my duplicate whenever I go outside my home he is ready earlier than me if I had to go to the work he is ready to my house door as I am taking him or not, if I am in home where ever I sit where ever I sleep even truly saying no false when I go to bath he scratch the door that he wanted to come inside so protective when I am not in home nobody can enter inside my home because my children is small, even any neighbors when shout from outside he is the first to answer with his shout.so beautiful and so bad in protection you and your family, powerful and courageous and all of tha you love to them as pet, you can't eat with out them you can not sleep without them.if you can not see them for only 1 or 2 minutes you will wonder where is my rottie. Where ever you even in nightmares he will be with you lika as a god blessings.

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