Rottie owner streaker ?

by Lin Randall
(Statford Upon Avon )

We have a beautiful rescue Rottie cross called Cleo.

After we brought her home from the rescue center (she was 3 years old at the time) we let her into the back garden to explore.

We considered our garden to be dog proof. We had fencing around 3 sides, and down the center was thickets of various bushes.

We hadn't reckoned on Cleo's determination to exceed her boundaries. She began to run in circles gradually increasing her speed, then she went for it!

Veered off to the left and straight through the hedgerow!

I shouted up to my son who had just left the shower and he came running down the stairs in his dressing gown (with nothing underneath ).

We both cleared the center boundary in seconds. Cleo by now had exited our neighbors garden and was on her way down the main street, with my son in his slippers and flapping dressing gown in hot pursuit!

After about 500 yards Cleo stopped dead in her tracks and sat down. That was it. . . It was all over! Cleo had decided the "game" was finished.

She has been part of our family for 3 years now and has provided us with lots of laughter. Not a day goes by that we aren't grateful that she chose us.

Yes that's right, she chose us because we believe she did.

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Feb 16, 2011
What a wonderful Rottweiler dog story :0)
by: Jenn

Lin, thanks so much for sharing this great story!

Our 4-legged friends have such a way of stealing our hearts don't they?

I was actually laughing out loud while reading it, from picturing your son streaking down the street after her :0)

. . . .And, for her to just stop and sit down -- too funny. I know my Chevy boy makes me laugh every day.

And yes, I truly believe that they choose us. I wish many, many more happy years with your girl Cleo.

Thanks again for sharing -- If you've got some pictures of her, please upload them and I'll get them put in here with your story!

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