Let's Talk... About Choosing Rottie Puppies

Need Help Choosing a Rottie Puppy?

How do you go about choosing your new best friend?  Okay, you've researched the Rottweiler breed, then you researched and found the perfect Breeder. . .

A pile of Rottie puppies!

This is what a litter of Rottie puppies looks like at about 3 weeks.

Just one big pile of cuteness right?

At 3 weeks your breeder probably won't even let you visit, because of concern for the puppies health.

And, who would be able to pick their best friend out of the pile anyway right?

Note:  The Rottweiler puppies shown on this page are courtesy of Greendale Rottweilers This litter was born June 16th, 2012 - They reside in Ohio.  Dad is Moose and mom is Nikki - You'll find both their pictures plastered all over this website  :0)

4 to 5 week old Rottie puppies

. . .But, at 4 or 5 weeks old they really start to show their personalities.

PIle of 5 week old Rottie puppies

That makes about 5 weeks the perfect time to take your first look :0)

But still, there are 9 adorable little black & tan fur-balls in the picture to the left. . .

How in the world do you choose your new best friend forever?

Do you pick the one who seems to have the most attitude? Or do you pick the one who looks like a little angel?

Rottie puppies with attitude
Rottie puppies look like angel'

Well, I'll tell you how we picked our very first Rottie puppy, Savannah. The catch is that we didn't actually pick her. . . .My husband had asked family and friends how to pick a Rottie puppy. Boy or girl? What do I watch for, etc.

He got all kinds of good advice, but in the end. . . . She picked him! Literally, when he went to look at them at about 5 weeks old, she kept walking away from her litter mates and coming over to him.

She would plop her little butt down on his foot and look up at him. Every time he moved, she would follow and plop her butt down again and look up at him.

By the way, sitting on your feet is a Rottweiler trait, which is adorable until she weighs 120 pounds - LoL.

Rottie puppies have attitude

Now, don't be too fooled by something that looks this sweet and adorable.

Sweet, sleeping Rottie puppies

All sleeping and quiet and cuddly. . . .There's a monster lurking underneath - trust me :0)

Now, I mean that in a very fun way. . . .When we brought Savannah home, she was just adorable!

So quiet and sweet, while sleeping underneath of the Christmas tree.

We thought "wow, she is the sweetest little puppy in the world"!

And then the next day, her split personality emerged!!! She went from little darling angel to holy freak'n terror right in front of our eyes. Of course, we loved every minute of it and wouldn't trade one memory for all the money in the world.


My best advice to you when choosing your best friend from a litter of Rottie puppies is simply to observe and let your heart lead you. if you watch closely starting around 5 weeks, you'll really start to see their personalities.

You can somewhat gauge if they seem to be more dominant or passive in nature. One is not necessarily better than the other, just different.

Mom with her Rottie puppies

Just like people, every single Rottweiler is different.

Often times the breeder where you're getting your puppy can help you choose.

They have observed the pups since the day they were born, so will tend to have an idea of their personalities and help fit the right pup with you.

Never be afraid to ask for help!

A boy or a girl?

Something else you must consider is whether you want a boy or a girl. My advice is that a female is usually the best choice for a first time Rottie owner.

Adorable Rottie puppies

The reason I recommend a girl for first time owners is because they are often a bit calmer, and girls tend to not have as much issue with other dogs, as boys can sometimes have.

Now that is not written in stone, because like I said every single Rottie is different, but that is my experience.

Our first was a female, and our second was a male - although our male was a rescue, and had quite a few issues that we had to deal with.

As you might have guessed, I can't give you a firm answer on how to choose your Rottie puppy, but hopefully this page and the rest of the site will give you the insight you need to "go with your gut" :0)

Happy Rottie Parenting - Enjoy every minute with your Rott'n Rottie!!!

Rottie puppies are as cute as they com

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