Let's Talk... About Rottweiler Adoption

If you're considering Rottweiler adoption, or you already adopted a Rottie then this page is an invaluable resource for you.

You need to read these personal stories contributed by other visitors to this site - If you haven't decided yet, they'll help you make up your mind.

If you already have an adopted Rottie in your family, they'll help you deal with any issues you might be facing.

Some stories can be a little heart wrenching to start out, but most have a happy ending like my own story of when my husband and I rescued Chevy.

I hope you get inspired by what read here.   And that you get the help and support you may need with your rescue dog, if you're having to deal with some issues like we did with Chevy.

Do you have your own personal adoption story?

I would love for you to share it below - You can even upload pictures of you and your Rottie!

Just think how your story can give others insight into what they might be dealing with right now. If you've "been around the block" with rescue, think back on your first time.

Can you imagine how much your knowledge and experience can help other visitors to this site? And of course everything we do, helps the breed that we love so much!

Inspire others to rescue, and give help and support to those folks considering rescue, or that may need some help dealing with issues their rescue dog may have.

I hope for this to become a community of help, support and inspiration!

Please tell us your own Rottweiler Adoption story!

Share your own personal story about Rottweiler adoption, in particular I would love to hear:

  • What inspired you to rescue
  • How you found your Rottweiler
  • Your dog's history if you know it, and how they ended up needing to be rescued or adopted
  • What kinds of issues you've had to deal with
  • Anything else you'd like to share
  • Don't forget pictures of you and your Rottie if you have them (you can upload up to 4 pics)

Let your story inspire others to rescue, as well as help them gain insight to some of the issues you may have dealt with when you rescued your dog!

Read other visitor's stories below

Click below to read Rottweiler adoption stories from other visitors to this page...

Rottweiler/Coon Hound Mix 
This is 'Blackie' (named by my 91-year-old father-in-law:). We think he is a Black and Tan Coon Hound/Rottweiler mix. He showed up at the farm one day, …

Starving mother rottie finds a good home. 
I am a real dog lover, I just can't stand to see one go hungry. One day about a year ago I was in the back yard feeding my dogs (chow, golden retriever, …

My Blessing Rottie 
My story began from owning my first Rottie. Harley was my heart. I buried him after 8 loving years. I have taken in rescues of all kinds through the …

Our Naughty Rottie - Tully 
We have an 8 year old Staffie who lost his best friend to cancer a while ago. We decided to adopt another dog so he wouldn't miss Jessie so much. Well, …

Our "Dogfish"  
My brother-in-law used to go fishing at Binder Lake, just outside of Jefferson City, MO quite often. Two summers ago I had taken a trip with one of …

Roxy's second chance!!! 
About 3 years ago on 27th April 2009, I was told by a friend of my mom that her husbands relations had a 3 year old Rottweiler called Roxy. So me and …

This is my baby Tilly. . . . . Two Shoes 
This is my baby Tilly (Two Shoes) - my son added the two shoes bit and it has stuck. Tilly was born on 12/06/2011, she was unfortunate enough to have …

Rambo the sook ! 
Well just like the title suggests Rambo the Rottweiler is the biggest sook ever! Although he didn't start out that way. I found Rambo at a shelter …

My Best Buddies 
I was driving down a busy two lane road in April of 2007 when a puppy ran out in front of my truck. I stopped, sat there for a minute, and when I was …

Finding Harlee  
First off let me just say this has been a heck of year for me and its kinda a long story on how I found Harlee. I lost my boy Stanlee, who was an 11 year …

My Pal "Joey" 
I had my Roxy for 8 years and she needed to go to heaven with her daddy...I was heartbroken! I looked on the internet to see what I could do to bring …

The Rescue of a Heart Stealer... 
My name is Bubba. . .My Rottie has saved my life, for real! When we first got Sara I was overweight, a diabetic and couldn't make it to the end of the …

Chevy's Rottweiler adoption story 
My husband and I were suckered into rescuing Chevy by some friends in 2003. We had lost our baby girl Savannah when she was only 7 years old. We were …

Denali Not rated yet
Adopted this little rottie mixed girl. She turned 3 months today. Left her in the kitchen with 2 baby gates, went out to dinner and when I came home she …

my boy Not rated yet
i lost my collie shepard mix to cancer.my lab was so loney i decided after alot of thinking and soul searching i was ready i began my search and got quickly …

Now I'm a Rott owner for life Not rated yet
Well I didn't start out looking for a Rottweiler but have always liked the breed but since I got him I love the breed. I have a male & female pure bred …

Roxy's mommy Not rated yet
We decided our male Bruttis needed someone to keep him company while we were working, so we decided to rescue a Rottweiler instead of buying a puppy. …

His name is Walter Not rated yet
There is a local radio station that has a short segment on dogs for adoption. . . I talked a friend into going into the San Francisco SPCA to just look! …

Meeting King Not rated yet
In the summer of 2011, my family dog died. We had her for 5 years, and her death was a complete surprise. My parents didn't want to get another dog, …

Adopted not one but two 11 month old Rotties! Not rated yet
Since growing up with Rotties from when I was a weee little girl, I wanted the same for my 18 month old daughter... so internet hunting we went. For …

The Protecter - A Rottweiler Not rated yet
When I was growing up, my mom and dad's friend had two Rotties. Big old Ben and little baby Dottie. (Of course now my protector has passed and …

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