Rottweiler Housebreaking Goofs

by Janenne - Reba's Mom

I am sure my Rottweiler Reba knows what she is supposed to do and not do. She will run to the door when we ask, or say "Reba out?" but to get her to go out, one of us has to go out to the top of the porch step and stand as she goes down the stairs.

Then she goes off a bit into the grass playing with a tree limb or a bee--dumb mutt-- and lately she has found a stash of old dried leaves so she grabs some to bring back inside with her yeah !!! Just what I need, more dirt on my floor.

Other times she will ignore us and just go run and hide and pee in her sneaky spot. We have now caught onto her sneaky spots though, and scold her if she heads toward them.

At times she gives us mixed signals - she seems to use the same signal for I need to go out to I want to be with you. Except if we don't get it, she gets frantic, and starts nipping.

She has grown so much. I gave her her first shot about a week ago. She was fine at first, then cried for about an hour, we put ice on her hip it seemed to help . I think I went to deep, as she kept squirming on me.

At times I wonder if I can handle her full grown. but she minds my son really well. I am learning with her, trying new ways on my own.

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Sep 07, 2015
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Aug 19, 2015
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Jun 04, 2012
Training a Rottie
by: Jenn

Hi Janenne, thanks for posting about Reba.

I have to ask if you consulted a veterinarian or other professional prior to giving Reba her shots? I'm assuming you're talking about vaccination shots.

I have always given vaccination shots in the scruff of a puppies neck - by pulling up the roll of skin on top of her neck and essentially giving the shot subcutaneously.

I've never heard of giving shots in the hip, but I'm certainly not a veterinarian, so was mostly curious.

Thanks again for sharing a story about Reba :0)


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