Let's Talk... About The Awesome Rottweiler Mix

A Rottweiler mix can end up being one of the best family members.  Rotties are such great dogs, and can have such unique personalities.

But, add another breed to the mix and you just get an even more unique dog right? Obviously I love Rottweilers very much, but there's nothing wrong with a mixed breed dog.

Take for instance this little guy here, named Austin.

His daddy sent me an email through my Contact Me page, asking for my opinion on what he was mixed with.

Austin's parents adopted him from a shelter when he was 8 weeks old. The folk's at the shelter told them he was Beagle mixed with Australian Shepherd.

But as he started to grow, they weren't seeing any Aussie in him. Their veterinarian thought perhaps Austin was mixed with German Shepherd - but I don't really see that either.

So while trying to help Austin's dad determine what he was mixed with, I looked at many pictures side by side.

There's no doubt whatsoever that he has Beagle in him  :0)

After being sure that he had Beagle in him, I started analyzing Austin's body structure.

It took some time looking at his body, a Beagles body, a Rottweilers body, and a Shepherds body.

Looking at things like the length of his legs, and thickness of his thighs and butt, location and stature of his tail, shape of his nose, jaw and headline.

. . . . I do believe he's mixed with Rottweiler rather than German Shepherd.

Of course, that's just my opinion and his Daddy doesn't really care. He loves him dearly no matter what he's mixed with - he was mostly curious.

Now, if you take a look at this picture below. . . . You can see that Austin has pretty rough life as a spoiled rotten dog - Life on the couch looks rough doesn't it?    :0)

Here's Another Rottweiler Mix

This guy's name is Ranger, and he's a Rottie mixed with German Shepherd (GSD).

I don't know as much about him as I do Austin, but I can tell you that his mom adopted him when he was 8 weeks old also.

. . .And she loves him very much.

As you can see from the picture, Ranger got a party for his 1st Birthday.

His mom Brandy uploaded this picture of him wearing his party hat!

Who can resist one more Rottweiler Mix?

This young man's name is "Duke" - and if you can believe it, he is 11 years old!

He started out as a foster dog, but like so many his foster family fell madly in love with him, and he is now a permanent addition to their family :0)

By clicking on the picture or link above, you can see another picture of Duke as well. . .

Do you have a Rottweiler mix to share?

You can do that in 2 different ways:

  1. Go to Rottweiler Pictures and upload up to 4 pictures of your baby, along with his or her story.
  2. Go to Rottweiler Dog Stories and upload his or her story and include up to 4 pictures.

Either way, I know other visitors here would love to see your pride and joy, and know a little about him or her :0)

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